My Castle Edit

“Anything else?”
—Before leaving anywhere he's working

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "I feel great today. I could do anything!" (surge)
  • "I take good care of my weapons, of course! But what I really treasure is my candy..." (weapon exp)
  • "What's this? Is it candy? I hope it is..." (item)
  • "I've heard talk about accessories. Maybe I should look into something to wear..." (accessory gift)
    • "Is this for me? For real? You didn't have to go to tall that trouble, but I'm glad you did!" (accessory gift given)
    • "Aww, nice. Thanks for this! I owe ya one..." (accessory gift given)
    • "You don't really expect me to wear this, do you?! That's a tall order, buddy." (accessory gift: bath towel)
    • "A birthday present? Sweet! I always said today should be a holiday. Heh, get it?" (friendship birthday gift)
    • “Aw geez, hearing you go on and on about my birthday sure is… sweet!” (married birthday gift)
    • "Perhaps not...Father wouldn't be happy if I stood out too much." (accessory gift not given)
  • "I'll bring extra sweets to the next battle. They're highly nutritious, after all..." (idle)
  • "I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you do." (idle)
  • "Now seems as good a time as any to prepare a sweet little treat..." (idle)
  • "Hey, buddy, great timing! I just scored some sweet treats, heheh. Want some?" (idle)
  • "What am I doing? Just, ya I was on a snack break. What of it?!" (idle)
  • "Hey, just wanted to say good job. I had a candy to thank you with, but I ate it..." (idle)
  • "Oh, a traveler? I'm afraid we have a very high candy tax here..." (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "Let's team up for the next battle. We'll be like chocolate and peanut butter!" (team up)
  • "I'm outta snacks. What do you do during times like these?" (hobby)

Answering - Normal Edit

  • "Sure thing—I've got your back. I'll even share my candy with you!" (team up)
  • "Nothin' much. I like to hunt down candy or maybe cook up some new treats." (hobby)

Asking - Saizo Edit

  • "Sometimes... Sometimes it's not so bad to spend time together like this." (spending time)
  • "Anything you'd like to have? If you don't give me ideas, cheesecake it is!" (gift)

Answering - Saizo Edit

Asking - Married Edit

Answering - Married Edit

  • "I love you too. You'll always be my sweetie. And you KNOW how much I love sweets." (love)
  • "Don't be foolish, sweets. And don't worry about me. I would never leave you alone." (promise)

Private Quarters Edit

Friendship Edit

  • “Want a gumdrop? Here. Pick a flavor.” (Invite)
  • “OK. There better be honey cakes. What do you mean there aren't honey cakes?" (Invite)
  • “ it just us?” (Invite)
  • “Oh, geez. You two are sickeningly sweet... Hand me a snack, will ya?” (Invite - Married)

Bonding Edit

“I came all the way here, so you better make it worth my while. A few cupcakes will do the trick.”
—Friendship bonding quote
“Why would you invite me over during snack time? Snack time is sacred!”
—Friendship bonding quote
“You’re really not tired of me yet? Aww. Guess I’ll share my favorite snack with you, just this once.”
—Friendship bonding rank-up quote

Lovers Edit

  • “Mmm… you’re back! Come over here. Your kisses taste like candy.” (Entrance)
  • “Hello, Corrin. I’ve been waiting to see that sweet, little face of yours.” (Entrance)
  • “Good. You’re by my side again! I’ve missed you.” (Entrance)
  • “Why don’t we just lock the doors and hide out here all day?” (After bonding)
  • “Oh, you’ve come back home? Did you want to nap with me?” (Awoken gently)
  • “Welcome home. I ended up staying in the bath a bit too long…” (Before cool down)
  • “Ah, that’s nice. How thoughtful of you. Want to get some ice cream?” (After cool down)
  • “Welcome back. I got some candy flowers for you to try!” (Giving flowers)

Bonding Edit

“When I’m with you, I don’t need anything else in the world. Not even chocolate!”
—One of Asugi's bonding quotes when married
“I love you so much… Somehow I’ll find a way to make your life as sweet as you’ve made mine.”
—One of Asugi's bonding quote when married
“I think you have some sugar on your lips… I better inspect… Mmm, no sugar, but it was still really sweet.”
—Asugi's kissing bond quote
“I made a fresh batch of my favorite candy just for you. I’m not even gonna eat any! You’re the only sweet treat I need.”
—Asugi's level-up bond quote

Armory Edit

“Weapons are fine, as long as you know your foe's weak spot.”
—When entering the shop
“You're the only one who would buy stuff for me.”
—Buying him something while he's on duty
“This is like stealing from myself.”
—Selling his things while he's on duty
“Do you have any tasty sweets for sale here?”
—Buying him something
“My things? Fine—long as you buy me candy.”
—Selling his things

Goods Edit

“Lots of healing items here. But if you find any candy, buy it for me.”
—When entering the shop

Smithy Edit

“This is where I melt down sugar to make candy. Or not.”
—When entering the smithy
“Let's forge all my stuff into a giant lollipop.”
—When forging one of his weapons
“Sure, I'll forge whatever sweet gear you need.”
—When forging one of his weapons while he's on duty

Lottery Shop Edit

“Here to try your luck? Good luck! I hope your fortune is sweet!”
—When entering the lottery shop
“Oooh, that prize is sweet! Don't let anyone steal it from you.”
—When winning the golden ball
“That's a pretty sweet prize.”
—When winning the silver ball
“Ha! Don't feel too bad. That's just how the cookie crumbles.”
—When winning the wooden ball

Arena Edit

“I'm motivated entirely by prizes. Will I get a yummy cheesecake if I win?”
—When entering the arena
“You'd like my help? Sure thing. All I want is candy in return if we win!”
—When assisting another unit
“Sweet. That was a piece of cake.”
“I guess I underestimated what I was going up against.”

Accessory Shop Edit

“Why waste your money here when you could be saving for candy?”
—When entering the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“What's that sweet aroma, you ask? I've been baking up a storm all day.”
—When entering the mess hall
“I'll do my best—whether I serve up dessert or not!”
—Before cooking
“That was pretty simple. I hope I didn't...accidentally...add more sugar.”
—After successful cooking
“I made sure it wasn't overly sweet, but it may not be as good as a result.”
—After unsuccessful cooking
“This so so good! I'd better save some for tomorrow.”
—After eating good food
“It's not too bad, but it could use some sweetener.”
—After eating decent food
“Quick! Sugar water! I need sugar water to rinse my mouth with!”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“They don't give you sweets in prison. I would hate to live here.”
—When entering the prison
“I can persuade anyone. But I don't think you would appreciate my tactics.”
—Before persuading a prisoner

Hot Springs Edit

“Uh...! How long were you watching? Not that there's anything to see here...”
—When entering as the female Corrin (unmarried)
“I didn’t think you’d be here today… Not that you’re not welcome.”
—When entering as the female Corrin (married)
“Hey, don’t get all saccharine on me. It’s hard enough to hold back as it is…”
—Replying to the female Corrin (married)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“Welcome to the Einherjar Shop. Don't underestimate their mysterious strength.”
—When entering the shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“Did you know rice is used to make sweets, too? That's why I harvest it, anyway.”
—When spoken to at the rice field
“For bakers, flour is as sacred as sugar. This wheat field is like a treasure trove.”
—Spoken to at the wheat field
“How great would it be if instead of planting soybeans, we could plant jelly beans...”
—Spoken to at the bean fields
“Here, it's all yours. Meat's fine, but I like candy better.”
—Spoken to at the hunting forest
“I got some fruit to use for pies, but you can have some of the raw ones if you want.”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“I like sweeter vegetables. Like carrot cake. Or pumpkin pie...”
—Spoken to at a daikon/cabbage tile
“Sure, I love milk. Can't make milk chocolate without it, right?”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“This one looks like rock candy—so of course my dad would hate it.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I wish this stupid mine was filled with rock candy, not boring old ore...”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Here, take this ore I found. I'm a ninja, and I don't want it to weigh me down.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I jumped in the lake to look for sweets, but all I found was some ore.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“I'll give you food if you tell me about the sweets they have where you come from.”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“A traveler? I'll give this in exchange for any info you have on sweets!”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Corrin's Birthday Edit

  • "Congrats on your birthday! I'm a bit jealous of the sweet cake you'll get..."
  • “Happy birthday, my love. I have some extra-special candies for you.” (married)
  • "Where's your birthday cake? Tell me!"

Level Up Edit

  • "It's easier than takin' candy from a baby." (6+ stats up)
  • "My secret is candy. Sweet, savory candy." (4-5 stats up)
  • "Training is sour, but improving is sweet." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Whaaa—?! My blood sugar must be low..." (0-1 stats up)
  • "I'm like a parfait filled to the top. Mmmm." (0-1 stats , almost maxed)

Class Change Edit

  • "If this getup gets me the sweets, so be it."

Roster Edit

Saizo's son, raised in the Deeprealms. Unsure about carrying his father's name. Generally cool, but absolutely obsessed with sweets. Enjoys making them as well. Smells better than anyone. Born on 1/1.

Help Description Edit

Saizo's son. Sharp and cool, but a virtual slave to his powerful sweet tooth.

Confession Edit

“You're sweeter than sweets, my sweet. Let's celebrate our delicious love with a giant wedding cake! I'm serious. Biggest. Cake. EVER.”
—Asugi's confession quote

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) Edit

“I should have been the one to take that hit! We still need you to lead us!”
—Asugi's final chapter quote.

Endgame (Conquest) (unused) Edit

“You can’t go sacrificing yourself like that. Think about the sweets you’d miss out on…”
—Asugi's final chapter quote.

DLC Pre-Battle Quotes Edit

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“This wouldn't be so awful if the prize was, like...candy, instead of power. I know what I'll do. I'll pretend these monsters are piñatas. Yeah... If I hit one hard enough, candy is sure to fly out!”
—Asugi's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“Got any sweets on ya? *yawn* I could use a little sugar rush to wake me up. No? Too bad. ...I'm gonna finish here, and then I'm off to have sweet dreams!”
—Asugi's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“Rare weapons, huh? Got any candy swords? No? Guess I'll just have to finish you quickly and get some at the gift shop!”
—Asugi's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Pre-Battle Edit

“What I love about winter is, my chocolate doesn't melt as fast. Plus, regular fruit tastes great when you stick it in the snow for a while. Between you and mine, I've got a couple of blood oranges buried past the ridge. They should be ready by the time I'm done beating you.”
—Asugi's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "What now genius?"
  • We've got company!"
  • "I'm the caramel to your chocolate!"
  • "I smell trouble!"
  • "I'll tag along!"
  • "Don't overdo it!"
  • "It's my duty to help!"
  • "Do something!"
  • "I don't take orders!"
  • "We've got this handled!"

Attack Stance Edit

  • "Can't stop with just one!"
  • "I'm here too!"
  • "Yeah, I'm comin'!"
  • "Whoops, sorry!"
  • "Bitter for you!"

Guard Stance Edit

  • "Hands off, bud!"
  • "Sweet!"

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • "Whew, wasn't expecting that!"
  • "Sweet work!"
  • "Thanks! Want some candy?"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Just desserts!"
  • "Piece of cake!"
  • "Oooh, piñata!"
  • "This is gonna be tasty!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Sugar rush!"
  • "Like taking candy from a baby!"
  • "That's where the cookie crumbles!"
  • "Victory is sweet!"
  • "Is it snack time yet?"
  • "Ha-HA!"
  • "sighs*"

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • Too... bitter...

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“The man said to retreat if I had to. And, well, I have to.”
—Asugi's quote in III: The Changing Tide
“That's the kind of hit you don't want to take twice. I should probably fall back now.”
—Asugi's quote in V: Endless Dawn
“I thought I was tougher than this... Guess you never see it coming, huh? Dad... I'm sorry... but I won't carry on the Saizo name after all...”
—Asugi's quote in End: Lost in the Waves
“Guess I bit off more than I can chew. I'd better retreat.”
—Asugi's retreat quote (casual)
“Sorry, Dad... Guess I won't be able to carry on your name...”
—Asugi's death quote (classic)
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