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Attack is a command that appears whenever a player unit is close enough to attack an enemy. The player will be able to choose from a unit's available weapons to attack with. Before attacking an enemy, the combat forecast will be displayed, which shows the hit percentages, damage ratings, and critical chances of the two units. Then, the player can choose to proceed with the attack or cancel it.

The combat forecast

The combat forecast in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Before a player unit attacks an enemy unit, the combat forecast (also called the combat info window) is displayed, which lists important information about the two units. Players should study this information carefully before deciding how to attack a powerful enemy or boss. The following information is listed in the combat forecast:

  • The units' names (normally the player's unit in blue and the enemy unit in red).
  • Weapon: the unit's equipped weapon. Note the arrows, indicating the weapons' relations in the weapon triangle.
  • HP: The amount of HP the unit has left.
  • Damage (or Might): The amount of damage the attack will do, if it hits. If a unit can hit an enemy more than once, this is indicated here by ×2 or ×4.
  • Hit: The probability that the attack will hit. Subject to errors.
  • Crit: The probability that the unit will perform a critical hit.

In the GameBoy Advance series, the combat forecast can be disabled or set to a detailed mode which splits the Damage field into the following:

  • Attack: The total power of the attack, before Defense or resistance.
  • Defense: The amount by which the attack's damage is reduced by defense or resistance.
  • Attack Speed (AS): The relative speed of the attack. A unit can attack twice if this is a certain amount higher than the enemy's attack speed.