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Attack Stance (攻陣, Kōjin lit. Attack Formation) is a game mechanic in Fire Emblem Fates.


Attack Stance works similar to Dual Strike in Fire Emblem Awakening. Like Dual Strike, the assisting attacker can miss and cannot activate offensive skills. Unlike Dual Strike, partners always attack after the lead unit, regardless of support level, but the damage dealt is reduced by half of what they would normally deal, and trigger abilities like Pavise can be activated by the target during these follow up attacks.

Pairs with a Bold Stance skill lead unit or unpaired, adjacent units activate Attack Stance. Support units only follow up the first attack, retaining their special weapon property such as unit-type effectiveness, stat reductions on hit, or Brave Weapon double attacks. Follow up attacks use half a supporter's attack. Allies or enemies in Guard Stance always block follow up attacks.

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