Audamorze is the leader of the Blackbone Clan from the manga Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi. Audamorze and his clan were exiled by both the dragons and the humans during The Scouring because they sought power through evil ways. The members of the Blackbone Clan can wield every single weapon with great skill. After Magough frees Al from his seal, Audamorze begins to keep a close eye on him because he needs his power. Audamorze captures all 8 divine weapons throughout the manga, concluding with capturing Eckesachs when Roy defeats Zephiel. He then captures Tiena to lure Al into a trap. Al and Tiena then fight Audamorze who transforms into a dragon. Al ends up defeating Audamorze but disappears for 2 years afterwards.

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