“I have fought alongside you thus far. Once I came to know you, I knew I wanted to fight for you. Sire. I devote myself to you, for your sake, not mine. I am truly happy that you are my liege.”
—The Avatar in a base conversation with Marth

The Avatar, default name Kris, is the deuteragonist and a playable character in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. The Avatar is a custom character created by the player who participates in the game's stories and battles, similar to the Tactician from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, albeit much more involved as a character than the previous use of the concept.


Various appearances that the Avatar can have

Players can change the Avatar's name, gender, starting class, appearance and background. They can choose what their character's past, present and future is, which influences their base stats and stat growths. The default appearance of the Avatar is the blue-haired, male Mercenary who stands next to Marth in the game's boxart. The default Female Avatar also has blue hair and is a Myrmidon.

From a gameplay perspective, the Avatar functions exactly like any other playable character. However, since they are one of the main heroes of the game, alongside Marth, their death results in an instant Game Over on both Classic and Casual mode. Unlike Marth, the Avatar does not need to be brought out into the battlefield, at least once the Prologue is over. One exception to this is Chapter 16x: Reunion.

The Avatar has many Bond Support relationships with characters, akin to Marth, and also has a huge selection of Support conversation-like base conversations with other characters.


Background Edit

The Avatar's background varies by what the player selects, where the Avatar can be:

  • A noble's child, but left the castle due to family circumstances.
  • An orphan where they were picked up while still an infant.
  • From the country.
  • A bishop's child, but lost their parents.
  • A peddler's child, but the parents later divorced.

Regardless, the Avatar ultimately lived in the small village of Sera, living with their grandfather Maclir, who trained the Avatar very strictly so that the Avatar could become a knight of Altea like Maclir once was.The Avatar lived strongly by the code that their grandfather had given them.

While living in Sera, the Avatar would occasionally be asked by Maclir to deliver wood to a neighboring village, where the Avatar met Norne. One day, Norne had gotten lost in a forest and was found and comforted by the Avatar, but because the Avatar had also been lost as well, the two had to wait until other adults would find them. Having spoken to Norne about wanting to become an Altean knight, this made Norne want to be a knight of Altea as well, and if the Avatar is male, Norne mentions that it was also because she wanted to see the Avatar once more.

Eventually, Maclir died and the Avatar would work hard so that they could become a knight as their grandfather wished for them to become.

Becoming a Knight Edit

It would not be until a year after the War of Shadows that the Avatar would finally enter the Altean castle and become a new recruit.

Before entering the castle, the Avatar bumped into a new recruit like themselves, a young girl named Katarina. Easily befriending the girl, Katarina and the Avatar partnered up during their first trial, as Katarina admitted that she couldn't fight and really wanted to be a tactician. Accepting the partnership, the Avatar went through the first trial, where they battled against an Altean soldier and even Jagen himself. Afterwards, the Avatar and Katarina listened to Marth's speech.

When later joined by Luke, Roderick, and Ryan, they were to discuss who would be the leader of their platoon, to which Luke nominated himself and Katarina nominated the Avatar. Luke then challenges the Avatar to a duel to see who should be the leader, which Katarina hastily accepted. Regardless, the Avatar defeated both Luke and Roderick with Ryan's help, due to working together while Luke and Roderick fought them separately.

The next part of their test had them face Caeda, Marth's fiancée, who gets along easily with the Avatar, and offers to join their party after the Avatar defeats her. Though hesitant, Jagen questions if the Avatar knows how the War of Shadows was won by Marth, to which the Avatar can answer if they do know or not, but ultimately understands that any help that is offered to them should be taken.

As tests grew more difficult, the Avatar eventually had Wrys join them, a curate, before taking on their next challenge, being either Jeorge or Athena. After the test was over, the Avatar receives their interim report, where Cain judges them based on their performance with their allies, the score dropping should allies have gotten injured, and compare their score with the other platoons. The Avatar could have been either ranked first or last depending on the player's performance. Afterwards, the Avatar got somewhat lost in the castle, and ran into Elice, Marth's elder sister. The two spoke, where Elice speaks of how despite being called the "Hero-King", Marth is deeply idealistic child that he truly believes that he can save everyone and how much he despises losing even a single comrade, despite the harsh reality of the world was that even Marth cannot save everyone, to which the Avatar sadly agrees. Elice pleads that if the Avatar becomes a knight, then they must try to protect Marth and his ideals.

One day as they were on march duty, the Avatar had gotten everyone lost because they led everyone around despite having a very poor sense of direction. Apologizing to their comrades, they try to find their way back, but then Katarina directs them to a nearby village that was under attack by bandits. Wanting to help the townspeople, the Avatar led the 7th Platoon to defend the village, and was assisted by Merric, a close friend of Marth's, who comments on the Avatar's hair, comparing it to Marth's blue hair if the Avatar should happen to have blue hair as well. After making it back to Altea castle, the Avatar was lost to their thoughts, as they had noticed a "strange man with a mask" among the bandits, but wasn't there when they had routed the bandits. They could tell Katarina this, but the matter is ultimately waved off.

The Avatar and Katarina are then summoned by Marth, who praises them for their service to his people, and was so impressed that he wanted to appoint them as Royal Guards if they pass their test. Despite the praise, the Avatar is hesitant, as they think themselves unworthy of such a role, but Marth tells them that they can think on the matter.

While Luke is contemplating a new hairstyle, due to not being popular with the girls, Katarina pointed out that Roderick, Ryan and the Avatar were the only ones popular with others (regardless of the Avatar's gender), and it was Luke's attitude that was the problem, before they had to move on to their next test by Jagen. With 3 months having passed since their training began, only 20 recruits remained. While this intimidated Katarina, the Avatar was determined to see their training through.

Before their test begins, the Avatar speaks with Katarina, who informs them that she would obtain stronger weapons using some connections, and also get a new recruit that had her platoon desert her. With the new weapons Katarina acquired and had delivered to them with Cecille, the new recruit, the Avatar managed to overcome the test, defeat either Draug or Ogma. Afterwards, Katarina speaks to the Avatar, and admits that she wants to become Royal Guards with the Avatar and believes that together, they would be an unstoppable team, and asks if the Avatar feels the same, to which they can agree or admit they still haven't thought about it too much.

When their final test nears, the Avatar finds Katarina by herself crying, and the Avatar asks angrily if someone had bullied her, but Katarina assures that it wasn't anything like that, and promises to tell the Avatar another time. As they have their final test, the Avatar faces either Cain or Est. Afterwards, they receive their final score, where the 7th Platoon could have faired exceptionally well, surpassing even knights before them, or very poorly, but regardless, the Avatar's platoon ultimately passed their final test and thus would become knights. That night, the Avatar couldn't sleep and sees Katarina once more, who tells them about her past as an orphan, and compares herself to the Avatar, due to how they both desire to do something for the sake of another. She then tells the Avatar that Cecille had given her a headband that she wants the Avatar to wear, as it would get them more psyched, to which the Avatar can agree to or not.

The next day, as the 7th Platoon is about to be knighted, a soldier arrives and informs them that the castle is under attack by an unknown amount of troops. As Jagen leaves to deal with the matter, the newly appointed knights remain behind with Marth. As they contemplate joining in with the other soldiers, Katarina reveals herself to actually be an assassin that was to assassinate Marth, and she had drugged all the guards in the castle so that her accomplices can enter. She also reveals her real name was Reese. The revelation shocks and horrifies everyone, especially the Avatar and Cecille.

Despite that, the Avatar decides to fight their former friend to protect Marth. After a long battle, Katarina is injured and forced to retreat, thus saving Marth's life. Despite the attempt on his life, Marth believed that perhaps Katarina was being being forced into it or the circumstances were unavoidable for her. Marth then asks the Avatar to be his Royal Guard, and also help Katarina if they ever run into her again.

Afterwards, the Avatar and Cecille speak, both deeply hurt by Katarina's betrayal, before Cecille asks the Avatar if they would keep the headband, to which they can agree to or not. They also promise and believe that they would be able to bring Katarina back again, and the 7th Platoon would be complete once more.

The War of Heroes Edit

As time passes, Emperor Hardin eventually requests that Marth lead the Altean army to subjugate a rebellion in Grust, Marth is forced to comply. Marth speaks to the Avatar and warns that they would enter a real battle, and defeat equaled dying in battle, unlike in the examinations, where they would only be injured and removed from battle. So Marth pleads to the Avatar to not get themselves killed, to which the Avatar agrees.

After the rebellion was over and General Lorenz succumbed to the wounds he had received from trying to protect Prince Jubelo and Princess Yuliya from General Lang, Marth watched as Lang dragged the two Grust royal heirs away. The Avatar pleaded with Marth to give them the order to retrieve the children, but despite Marth's desire to, Jagen stopped Marth from doing so, as such a thing would result in a war with Archanea, and they had to move to Macedon to try and rescue Princess Minerva.

The Avatar learns about the Whitewings and their speed, which Jagen compares the Avatar's speed to them, which can be exemplary or poor. After breaking through the borders of Macedon, the Avatar and Marth meet Linde, a former comrade. She gives Marth the Fire Emblem, the royal heirloom of Archanea. Learning that Princess Nyna wanted the Fire Emblem to be delivered to Marth, they realize that something terrible was coming.

Continuing onwards to Macedon, the Avatar trains and is observed by Jagen, who examines their skill, whether they can deliver their strikes against the enemy, to which their skill can be from being that of an expert or insufficient. Once they meet and defeat the rebellion in an attempt to rescue Minerva, they discover that she was no longer there, having been taken by Michalis, Minerva's older brother who was believed to have been deceased from the last war. General Lang then arrives and orders Marth to retrieve the children, who had been rescued by someone, who is revealed to be Ogma. However, the Avatar grows angry by how Lang speaks and treats Marth, declaring that Marth was not Lang's minion. Lang berates the Avatar on their manners, and while Marth does apologize for the Avatar's words, he declares that he would no longer obey Lang's orders any longer, before Jagen frightens Lang away.

Discussing their next course of action, they believe that Ogma may take the children to Wendell, the pontifex of Khadein. However, before that, Jagen speaks to the Avatar, who informs them that the assassins that attempted to claim Marth's life a year ago was being searched, and there was a lead that said the were in the northern mountains of Macedon, and were searching for former allies of Marth's from the War of Shadows. Acting quickly, they find and rescue Wrys, who was nearly about to be killed by the assassins. Afterwards, Wrys speaks to the Avatar and mentions the Avatar's hair growing longer, and offered to shave it, to which they agree or not. Should they get their hair shaved, Marth expresses shock, but lets the Avatar keep it should they like it.

After rescuing the two royal heirs, Caeda arrives breathless, and reveals horrific news: Altea was attacked by the imperial army, and Gra and Aurelis ambushed them, and the Altean forces were wiped out and the castle had fallen. The Avatar is horrified to learn that their homeland was taken by the enemy. It was then understood that everything was a setup, for Marth to leave with his elite soldiers so that Altea would be defenseless. After they resolve to try and reclaim their homeland, the Avatar is approached by Jagen and asked if they wanted to keep their haircut, to which they can agree to or not.

The Altean army then enter the Olbern Keep, where they seize control and prepare to enter the castle. The Avatar also asks Marth for permission to kill Lang once they enter the castle, but Jagen calms the young knight and warns them to be cautious. Before entering the castle, Jagen asks if the Avatar has enough strength to break through Lang's impressive defense, to which the Avatar's strength could vary from being very impressive to not being very strong and would need alternate methods to defeat Lang, but regardless, Jagen asks the Avatar to kill Lang in his stead for Lang's insolence. When the Avatar faces Lang, the Avatar declares that for oppressing countless people and insulting their liege, Lang would have to atone with his death.

After Lang is killed and Wendell speaks to Marth about searching for the Starsphere Shards to try and restore the Starsphere, Marth then reminisces with the Avatar about their past, and comment by how many of their comrades survived thus far, where Marth sees all, many, or some of their comrades are still alive, making Marth praise the Avatar for their actions or plead the Avatar to help him to keep the remaining people safe.

Jagen then informs the Avatar and Marth that they were being attacked by some mercenaries, who are revealed to be Radd and Caesar, who were working with Legion of the assassins to kill Marth. The Avatar agrees with Jagen's plan to face the mercenaries. After killing Legion (or rather, Legion's clone) and sparing Rath and Caesar, Marth's pleads with them to join them, but the two refuse unless they were to get paid. The Avatar then convinces them by declaring that they would definitely reclaim their homeland and would be able to pay for Radd and Caesar's services, and adds in that since they failed their mission to kill Marth, Archanea would not pay them their gold, so serving Marth would be ideal for them.

As they make their way to the Fane of Raman to search for the Starsphere Shards, the Avatar speaks with Jagen, who asks the Avatar how they perceive Jagen, to which the Avatar responds that Jagen's loyalty towards Marth was evident, and while he was strict he was very kind, making Jagen happy. When the Avatar returned the question, he praises that they were capable Royal Guards, and also adds a trait of the Avatar that is determined by what the player selected in the beginning:

  • Having an aura that attracts people.
  • A hidden genius.
  • An indisputably strong heart.
  • A kind heart.
  • Being wise to being almost foresighted.

Once the thieves from the Fane of Raman were driven away, they found the temple ransacked and most of the items stolen away, which Jagen commented would infuriate even Naga. Jagen explains the legend of Naga to the Avatar, before they try to cross the Chiasmir Bridge.The Avatar speaks with Wendell, and caught a slight cold, to which Wendell offered to give them one of his hats so that the Avatar could remain warm, which Avatar can accept or not, but is advised to watch their health. Should the Avatar wear the hat, Marth comments that it suits them, due to keeping them warm from the strong sea winds.

As they cross the bridge, Hardin himself arrives with his forces to attack Marth. If the Avatar faces Hardin, they learn that they cannot even harm Hardin because of mysterious power he possessed, so they decided that Marth had to escape. Despite Marth wishing to remain behind to help his comrades, the Avatar assures them that they would remain there with the others as the rear guard and would regroup with Marth later. Despite his worries, Jagen assured Marth that the Avatar was more than capable. Before they left, the Avatar could return Wendell's hat if they want to should they have accepted it earlier.

Just as they promised, the Avatar returned and regrouped with Marth when they were near Khadein, to which Marth comments on the Avatar's luck, where it go from the Avatar's good luck that somehow had a sandstorm form that allowed their escape, to having such poor luck that,the Avatar and the others had earth and sand hinder them and they even got lost, to which Marth comments that the Avatar might be loved or hated by the goddess of fortune.

As they discuss about the mysterious dark power emanating from Hardin, they learn that Khadein mages were mounting an offense on them, forcing the Altean army to fight back and break into the sactuary, and be quick about it, as Archanea's pursuit force would be at their rear soon. Once they succeed in breaking in, the Avatar and Marth talk about Merric, preparing to meet him. Once in the School of Khadein, Marth comments on the Avatar's magical abilities, where the Avatar might be as powerful as Merric and might be a teacher in Khadein, have potential to be a student, or be as bad as Marth.

Facing against Arlen and his mages, they soon manage to succeed in defeating them and Wendell managing to convince Arlen to stop fighting, the Avatar informs Marth that they also rescued the clerics that were forced to help the enemy. After the battle and learning the method needed to defeat Hardin, Jagen and the Avatar spoke, where Jagen comments on their army's progress and how many comrades survived, where the Avatar may have been most impressive, excellent, or unsatisfactory, but Jagen believes that with Marth as their core and the Avatar as their support, they would not falter, or Jagen would plead the Avatar to try and protect the remaining survivors as their lives are in the Avatar's hands. Malice also speaks with the Avatar, and asks if Marth would pay for her and Dice's services, to which they ask for a small amount, which is high by their standards.

They then learn that Horace was in peril against the assassins, and the Avatar learns who Horace was, and assists Marth in saving Horace. After saving Horace and killing the original Legion, they learn that Legion and his clones were raised in such a horrifying way that their souls were crushed and they could only obey orders, leading Marth to question if Katarina lived under such circumstances, which was the first time that Katarina was mentioned since the assassination attempt, and the Avatar remained silent. The Avatar then speaks to Jagen, and reveals that they had discovered a mask used in masquerade balls, and decide to wear it or not, which would surprise Marth when he notices it.

Now making their way through Anri's Way to meet Gotoh, Marth questions whether they are able to even compare to Anri, to which the Avatar remarks that Marth was indeed strong, and his kindness was his greatest strength, as it drew others in and made them want to fight for him, comforting Marth. Making it through the Tower of Thebes, they run into Tiki, only to see that it was actually Xane in disguise, which surprises the Avatar. Afterwards, Marth asks if the Avatar wants to keep the mask on should they have worn it, to which they can or not.

Continuing on Anri's Way, they enter the Graveyard of Fire Dragons, Jagen comments on the heat of the lava pools there, and notices the Avatar, where the Avatar's strength might leave them unfazed that has Jagen question if the Avatar was invulnerable, struggling but still strong enough to keep going, or dizzy that forces Jagen to help the Avatar through. Before entering the frozen lands, Jagen comments on how often the Avatar entered the Drill Grounds, where the Avatar had entered many times, a few, or none at all.

After they make it through the frozen lands, Jagen informs the Avatar and Marth that there were people behind them and were likely enemies, but Marth believes there may be some allies, and the possibility of that makes the Avatar agree to enter a battle to try and defeat any enemies while saving any allies. After being warned by their ally Athena, they then are ambushed by Clarisse, but she and her forces are defeated and routed, so the Avatar and Marth continue onwards.

Once they finally complete Anri's Way, meet Gotoh to receive the Lightsphere, complete the Starsphere once more, and recruiting Tiki, they are then all warped back to Altea, where the Avatar expresses their desire to free it from the enemies, and then run into Xane. Xane tries to play a prank on the Avatar by trying to convince them to change their hairstyle to be similar to that of Tiki's, along with the tiara, as that will give Avatar legendary power, to which the Avatar believes, but might still decline the offer to change hairstyle. Xane comments that the Avatar is either trusting or naive should they accept, or boring if they decline. Marth expresses some surprise at the hairstyle, but realizes that it was just Xane's pranks.

As they battle Archanea's forces, managing to save Est and stop Abel from attacking them, Marth comes to doubt himself because of how many innocents had been hurt, but the Avatar steps in and reminds Marth of his own words when the Avatar was still a new recruit, to which Marth remembers that he admitted that alone he was a weakling, and thus needed everyone's strength. The Avatar declares that since hearing those words, they had sworn to become Marth's strengths, wanting to be his sword, and how they would share the burden that Marth carries so he wouldn't be alone, which touches Marth. If the Avatar wore the tiara and the hairstyle with it, they realized that they didn't feel any different, and Marth states that Xane tricked them, and suggests that the Avatar change the hairstyle back, to which they can agree, or they still believe in Xane and think that the legendary power simply needs to sink in with time.

With Altea liberated and the castle all that remained, and the Avatar is nostalgic with Jagen about their first days in the castle, to which Jagen remarks on the Avatar's progress and overall power, where the Avatar could have grown into one of the most finest young soldiers in Altea, had gained much experience as a knight, or hasn't grown that much at all. Once entering the castle, they find the castle having thieves, and Jagen notes that there's a suspicious thief trying to escape north, and the Avatar offers to capture them on Marth's order. Once they capture the castle and reclaim the Geosphere, Marth and the Avatar speak about their memories of the castle, where Marth mentions that this was where the Avatar had met Katarina. However, the Avatar sensed enemy presence, to which Jagen arrives and confirms it to be the work of assassins.

The attack of the assassins is led by none other than Katarina, their former friend that they hadn't seen in for some time. Despite Marth trying to plead with Katarina to stop, Katarina declares that she has no choice. As she battles the Avatar, Katarina tells the Avatar that she once had a happy dream where she and the Avatar became Royal Guards, where they helped many people and were thanked by them, but then waves her dream off before resuming her battle. However, the Avatar refused to fight Katarina, despite her warning them that if they didn't fight her, then they would die. Finally, the Avatar calls Katarina, wanting her to listen to them, where Katarina questions why the Avatar refused to fight them, to which the Avatar declares that Katarina was their friend, and reminds her of the time they spent together, recalling the words she had spoken about how she desired to be Royal Knights together with the Avatar. Despite Katarina claiming that everything between them were lies, the Avatar pointed out that if that was the case, then why was Katarina crying.

The Avatar declared that Katarina belonged with them and Marth, and that even if she committed many sins, she can still atone for them, and declared that no matter what happened, they would always be by their side. Telling her to return to them once more, Katarina finally gives in and joins the Avatar, where Marth makes his punishment toward her to be that she find her own road in life and to atone for her sins by living, rather than dying.

Entering Gra, they battle the forces of Archanea and Gra, though Gra's soldiers had lost their will to fight. Jagen comments on the Avatar's defense is either overwhelming that even Gra in its prime couldn't hope to win, impressive enough that Gra's soldiers cannot match them, or needs more work as even the recruits of Gra should not be underestimated. After defeating Archanea's forces and sparing the soldiers of Gra, thus earning Sheena and Samson's trust, Marth discusses his plans to try and reach Hardin faster, as their battles were only buying Hardin more time. The Avatar suggests that they avoid the route where Archanea's forces are concentrated in, which would be Adria Pass, and though there's the chance of an ambush, it was the fastest course of action, to which Marth accepted, as they had overcome Anri's Way. Afterwards, the Avatar runs into Frost, who wanted to join the Altean army since they rescued Macedon, but because the army moved so fast, Frost wasn't able to keep up until now, so Frost joins the army.

Going through Adria Pass, Marth speaks to the Avatar about the battles they faced and how they surpassed Anri's Way, where Marth expresses joy that everyone survived, some sadness if a few died, or grief if many perished. Having gotten through Adria Pass and acquired the Lifesphere from Hardin's older brother, Marth praises the Avatar for their actions, but the Avatar states that they only made a random suggestion, though Marth refutes this and continued to praise them, but then they learn that a coup d'etat broke out and quickly put down in the palace and the prisoners were being quickly executed by the day, making Marth and the Avatar try and hurry.

Now in the capital of Archanea, they battle the imperial army and then made their way into the palace for the final stand against Hardin, where the Avatar can face Hardin in battle, though Hardin will only seek a battle against Marth. After Hardin is defeated, all the orbs were gathered and the Fire Emblem was completed and restored as the Shield of Seals. When Nyna, Maria, Elice, and Lena arrived, the power of the Shield of Seals dispelled the magic surrounding the four and revealed them to have been Gharnef's priests that had an illusion cast over them to deceive Marth. Realizing that Gharnef was attempting to revive Medeus once more, they continue their battle by trying to locate Medeus and Gharnef. They also learn that the base of operations for the assassins that Eremiya ran was an orphanage in the mountains of Archanea. The Avatar volunteers to end the assassins for good, but Katarina arrives and tells them a secret route that they could take.

As they enter the orphanage, the Avatar learned how Katarina was raised, where she lived in darkness and turned into mere puppets, but now Katarina had a will of her own thanks to the Avatar. After defeating Eremiya, they learn of her origins and descent to madness, and the Avatar remarks that with the assassins now gone, there would be no more victims like Katarina.

Going directly between the borders of Macedon and Dolhr, the Avatar informs Marth that there were a large amount of wyverns and barbarians coming their way, commenting that it was even worse than in Anri's Way. When Ymir arrives to help, the Avatar mistakes Ymir for a barbarian, but Marth informed the Avatar that Ymir was a comrade. Realizing their mistake, the Avatar apologizes to Ymir and introduces themselves. After the battle, Ymir speaks to the Avatar and offered them a hat made from animal hide, which they can agree to or not. Should they wear it, Marth comments that the Avatar would surely stand out as a target.

Once they entered the Dragon's Table, Gotoh arrives and brings in Nagi, whom the Avatar questions if she was an ally from the previous war, to which Marth denies, but remarks that he recognizes her for some reason. Now entering the battle, they break through the numerous enemies and go through some stairways to go further in. If Avatar was wearing Ymir's gift, the Avatar can choose to remove it due to sticking out like a sore thumb.

Before facing Gharnef, Marth speaks of Gharnef's power, and then notes the Avatar's ability to resist magic, which can be impeccable that the Avatar would be their strongest hope of defeating Gharnef, fairly resist but still at risk against Gharnef, or have very little resistance and thus should avoid Gharnef. Should the Avatar face Gharnef, the Avatar declares that they would not allow Marth to die. After Gharnef is defeated and Falchion is recovered, they make their way to the final room where Medeus was.

As they approach the final room, Marth displays some nervousness, and the Avatar reassures them by mentioning that once in their past as a child, they met a fortune teller, who told them what the Avatar's future would be depending on the player's choice in the beginning, where the Avatar would:

  • Grow up to be a legendary hero.
  • Live out life quietly.
  • Follow their calling like an arrow.
  • Devote their life to the service of others.
  • Be stupidly rich and famous.

They then added that the Avatar would grow to be 100 years old, and while Marth was surprised by how long, he realized that if that was the case, then that meant that they would surely survive this battle through, which reassures Marth.

However, when they finally reached Medeus's lair, they find Elice, Nyna, Maria, and Lenaall hypnotized and surrounding Medeus to be consumed for his complete revival. Jagen realizes that if they cannot free them from Medeus' control, then they would have no choice but to kill them to get to Medeus, which horrifies Marth. The Avatar and Marth desperately try to find a way to dispel the hypnosis, but steel themselves to make the ultimate decision if they cannot.

Through the efforts of Merric, Sirius, Minerva, and Julian, the princesses were all freed from Medeus' control and the final confrontation would be clear. Should the Avatar engage Medeus themselves, he mocks them for their hubris, but the Avatar states that they will do whatever it takes to help Marth kill him, even if it costs them their lives.

Once Medeus has been slain at last, the long war finally reached its end, everyone celebrates. Marth speaks to the Avatar and promises to ensure that the world would know how they helped slay Medeus. The Avatar declines Marth's offer, wishing to not be known as a sole, godlike hero would be needed to unify the world and dispel any remaining hostilities. Marth accepts the Avatar's request, but tells them that they will always be his shadow, his other half and a true friend.

Marth would honor the Avatar's request with their contribution being unknown and Marth herald as the sole savior of the world. Still, those who bore witness to the Avatar during their life spoke highly of them. To many, the Avatar is considered the finest knight to have ever fought for Altea.


The Avatar's personality is very straightforward, with their prime trait being their undying loyalty towards Marth and their desire to train to better themselves, as the majority of their actions and conversations with other characters are generally about said aforementioned topics, going deep to the point that, at the end of the war, the Avatar asked to have their name removed from history, despite how they would have been just as famous as Marth, just so that the latter would be a hero the world could look up to. As a result, even Marth himself questions such devotion at times, but still valued the Avatar as a true friend, even calling them his other half.

Fiery to a fault, their dedication towards Marth often causes the Avatar to harbor a grudge against those that slight his liege, as when fighting Lang, their anger towards him for his disrespect towards Marth was still present long after the fact. It also puts them at odds with some comrades out of concern for his lord's safety, such as Astram or Sirius. However, in time, the Avatar came to trust and value them as comrades as well, even willing to keep Sirius' true identity a secret when they discovered it. Part of the reason behind such eagerness is eventually explained by the Male Avatar in their supports with Marth, where he confesses that he enjoys fighting and getting stronger, but worries about straying from his path as a knight if left unchecked.

Though usually adept, the Avatar has trouble with certain skills such as cooking, being so terrible that even Caeda commented that it tasted like steel, despite all their practice. Even so, the Avatar did not want to stop trying, despite their grandfather's attempts in making them give up at it. Another problem for them is their terrible sense of direction, getting lost very easily, to which they admit to this, but whenever this does happen, they don't admit that they are lost until someone points it out.

They are also shown to be rather gullible and naive, or perhaps just overly trusting towards some people, such as believing Xane's prank that having a similar hairstyle to Tiki's and having the tiara of hers would grant them legendary strength, and should they continue to wear it, they still believe in Xane's prank despite Marth telling them that it was a prank. They even believe some exaggerated tales about some of their comrades, such as Draug and his invincible defensive skills, which inadvertently made the Avatar train in a convoluted method that Draug gave them to show it, only for the Avatar to show being able to perform it by a limited degree, much to Draug's shock.

The Avatar also gets flustered rather easily, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, shown in conversations with Samuel, as they are not completely sure on feelings of love. The Male Avatar even admitting that he is bad with girls and is shown to get easily flustered with some, like Phina or Palla. The Female Avatar states to Samuel that she had discarded her womanhood long ago and gets embarrassed whenever she was called cute or beautiful. This trait leaves them targets to be teased by others.

Despite their straightforward personality, they have shown a slight playful side with Phina, as the Male Avatar tried to make a sudden confession of love, and the Female Avatar tried to get her to wear an extremely revealing dancing outfit that would shame them, before revealing to have been joking.

While they are loyal to Marth, the Avatar has shown to also be equally loyal to friends, expressed the strongest when it comes to Katarina, whom the Avatar shared a strong trust for, and was deeply hurt when she revealed herself to be an assassin, remaining silent whenever anyone brought her up afterwards. When facing Katarina for the final time, the Avatar revealed their dedication to their bond by refusing to fight her and trying to convince her to return, declaring that they would stand by her side no matter what, which got through to her and caused her to join the Avatar.


- Classes available for males only are: Mercenary, Fighter, and Knight.

- Classes available for females only are: Myrmidon and Pegasus Knight.

- Classes available for both genders: are Archer, Cavalier, and Mage.

All classes in a respective reclass set may be used after the prologue but the initial class determines the appearance of the Avatar's clothes. A Cavalier Avatar comes with a lance if male or with a sword if female. After the game is cleared on Hard difficulty or higher, the reclass set limit on males is lifted.



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Quotes Edit

“Lang! You have oppressed countless people, and insulted my liege. You can only atone for these sins with your life!”
—The Avatar versus Lang

“Avatar. I am Prince Marth's Royal Guard. Emperor Hardin of Archanea, the prince told me that you were once a trusted friend. Why would you do something like this?”
—The Female Avatar versus Hardin in Chapter 8

“Dark Emperor Hardin... Look nowhere else, I am your opponent!”
—The Male Avatar versus Hardin in Chapter 20.

“Sir Hardin... To defeat you is my duty. Prepare yourself.”
—The Female Avatar versus Hardin in Chapter 20

“Then, you'll just have to start atoning for them. It won't be easy. Many people from both Altea and your organization will turn you a cold shoulder... But, I can promise you this. No matter what happens... I'll stand by your side.”
—The Avatar trying to convince Katarina to return to them

“I will not let Prince Marth die. I won't let the likes of you lay even a finger on him...!”
—The Male Avatar versus Gharnef

“I will not let Prince Marth die. I won't...! ”
—The Female Avatar versus Gharnef

“I have come this far, just for this moment. My death means nothing, for Prince Marth will create a bright future for us all...! As long as I have that hope, I'll fight on. I'll come at you with everything I've got!”
—The Avatar versus Medeus

Avatar: ...Urgh...
Katarina: Avatar!? It can't be... Pull yourself together, Avatar!”
—The Avatar's death/game over quote in the Prologues

Avatar: ...Prince... Marth...
Marth: No... Avatar...! Please open your eyes... Avatar!!”
—The Avatar's death/game over quote in the Main Story


New Mystery of the EmblemEdit

The Hero's Guard (True Ending)

Not much is written about Avatar in the pages of history. However, many speak highly of the time they spent alongside whom they called Altea's finest knight.

The Hero's Guard (Bad Ending)

Not much is written about Avatar in the pages of history. However there are whispers of a knight who gave their life to save Marth or whom served him to the bitter end...

Luke's NicknameEdit

Luke gives a nickname for the Avatar that varies depending on the gender and face that were chosen in character creation.

Face Male Female
1 Ordinary Ordinary
2 Kind Kind
3 Terrible Terrible
4 Sly Sly
5 Ordinary Ordinary
6 Sly Sly
7 Wild Wise
8 Scarred Beast
9 Captain Captain
10 Wise Timid

Note: These names are based off the Heroes of Light and Shadow Translation project

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

The Avatar is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:


The Avatar's default name is Chris which is short for Christopher. The name originates from the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning "bearing Christ". It was meant to exemplify someone who carried Christ in their heart and is a similar allusion to the Avatar's relationship with Marth.

The Avatar's localized default name is Kris, which is a diminutive version of Chris, it also the name of asymmetrical dagger used in southeastern Asia.


  • Kris has an item named after themselves in Fire Emblem Awakening called Kris's Confect.
  • The Avatar is one of the few units whose status screen portrait changes at some point of the game, a trait they share with Alm, Celica, Marth, Ike, Volke, Sothe, Micaiah and Lucina. Their change happens whenever you get the chance to change their hairstyle or headgear. Unlike other examples, the changes are not mandatory and can be reversed at the end of the next chapter.
  • The New Mystery of the Emblem Avatar is the only Fire Emblem Avatar to not make any appearances outside of their home game.
  • The Avatar of New Mystery of the Emblem is referred to as female by Marth in Lost Bloodlines 2 when facing the Female Avatar of Awakening, and as male by Katarina in Rogues & Redeemers 1 when facing the Male Avatar of Awakening.
    • The Avatar of New Mystery of the Emblem is still mentioned in Rogues & Redeemers by Katarina when facing the Female Avatar of Awakening, but nothing gender specific.


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