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The Axe of Ukonvasara is an Axe introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and a Sacred Weapon. Crafted by Macuil, it was originally used during the War of Heroes and its effects are boosted for someone with a Crest of Gloucester.

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Name Type

FE16 Sacred Axe Weapon Icon.pngAxe of Ukonvasara

FE16 axe icon.pngAxe

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Wt Worth
A 30 19 65% 20% 1 ? 15 -

Effective against Armored foes.
Restores 11.85%/20%/30% of the user's HP at the beginning of the player phase.

Item Locations

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Method Location
Chest Chapter 13 (All except Crimson Flower) - Southeastern chest


Ukonvasara, or Ukonkirves, is the symbol and magical weapon of the Finnish thunder god Ukko, similar to Thor's Mjölnir.