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Azura's Pendant is an important item in Fire Emblem Fates.


Azura's pendant is a piece of jewelry that she wears whenever she is in her Songstress class. When Azura sings Lost in Thoughts All Alone, Azura draws power from the necklace, giving her songs the ability to rejuvenate allies or becalm their aggressive thoughts with little side effects. It also allows her to accomplish numerous feats such as causing discomfort or great pain in King Garon, calming a degenerated dragon Corrin, and escaping a Nohrian fortress trap. However, performing these feats using the necklace takes a toll on Azura, usually causing great pain and exhaustion shortly after use. Using more of the pendant's power inflicts greater pain upon the user, and at moderate stages a strange purple shadow briefly and painfully overwhelms Azura. Overusing the pendant's power results in the death of the user, with the singer's body crystallizing and dissolving into water.

The necklace was passed down through the Vallite royal family, and Azura inherited it from her mother Arete. Despite this, she has no personal attachment to the pendant and considers bearing its power a burden. In Azura's support with Shigure, she refuses to allow Shigure to take the role she has in using the pendant to end the war. Azura vows to rid herself of the necklace when her role is finished, and she asks Shigure to dispose of it for her if she doesn't survive the war.

In Hidden Truths 2, it is revealed the pendant was made from a fragment of Anankos's dragonstone, and that it was originally created along with Lost in Thoughts All Alone to quell his destructive urges.

In the Heirs of Fate Xenologue saga, Shigure inherits the pendant from Azura. Once Anankos is defeated, Shigure fulfills his promise to Azura by throwing it into a spring, which, combined with the fourth verse of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, returns all the children to their home realms.


  • Azura's pendant was available to buy on July 24, 2015 for 12,000 yen.