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Bölverk (ベルヴェルクト Beruveruku) is a unique Axe that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem Fates. It acts as the personal weapon of Garon.

Weapon Stats[]

Name Type


FE14 Axe.png Axe

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avo Rng WEx Worth
S Infinite 21 90% 10% 0% 1~3 ? 0

Garon only. Ddg +20


Bölverk, or Bölverkr, is one of Odin's many titles. It means "Bale-Worker", "Evil Worker" or "Evil Deed" in Old Norse.


  • If someone uses a cheat device or hacks a Fates ROM to acquire Bölverk, it can be wielded by anyone who has an S-Rank Axe Weapon Level (e.g. Berserker Class), despite the weapon's flavor text stating that only Garon can wield it, this is due to not being properly character-locked to Garon, like Siegfried is to Xander. The same is true for Skadi an S-Rank bow that is also an enemy-exclusive weapon (vallite Takumi during Night Breaks Through), but unlike Bölverk the flavor text for that weapon doesn't state that only Takumi can wield it, despite being a corrupted Fujin Yumi.
  • Interestingly, it bears a passing resemblance to the axe, Vengeance from Fire Emblem Awakening, bearing a slightly heavier-set design, but an overall comparable aesthetic, resembling a dragon's wing.