“King Bahanuke of Canaan spent twenty long years in his campaign to unite the nations of the Zoa Valley into the Empire. No doubt there is still much lingering bitterness over his warmongering. Not only that, but his decision to ally with the Gerxel Church has no doubt weakened the Empire's stability further. Furthermore, there are rumors surfacing that for years, the Emperor has been infatuated with a certain Gerxel woman, and that she now holds the most sway over his decisions.”
Eugen talking about Bahanuke

Bahanuke (バハヌーク Bahanūku, fan translated as Bahanuk) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the king of Canaan and the father of Arless, Barker, Julius, and Reshe.


Twenty years prior to the game's events, Bahanuke declared war on the Gerxel Church in order to preserve peace on the continent. However, eighteen years later, he signed a peace treaty with the church and declared the restoration of the Zoa Empire. It is revealed that he was seduced by one of his concubines, Karla, who is a witch from Zoa sent to manipulate him.

Once Canaan begins to fall to Runan's forces and Sennet rises up against the Zoa Empire, his three younger children conspire to kill him in order to end the war. After Julius's death at the hands of Runan's army, Barker carries out the plan and kills Bahanuke.


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