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Ballistician Blitz (砲手の試練場 Hōte no Shirenjō lit. The Gunner's Trial Grounds) in the Japanese version is Xenologue 11 of Fire Emblem Fates.



The script for this chapter can be found here.


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Players must seize a fort on the other side of the map. Most of the enemies consist of Ballisticians, apart from a select few others. The boss sits on the fort that must be seized in order to complete the xenologue.

Note that the Ballisticians have a slightly farther attack range despite their movement and bow usage, due to the ballista tank they are riding. They will usually use their long range attack, only attacking normally to score a kill if the unit is weakened enough. There are only four non-ballistician units on the map; a Shrine Maiden/Priestess with Freeze, and an Adventurer with Enfeeble next to the boss. There is also a Mercenary/Hero and Archer/Sniper ahead in the middle path; armored and beast/flying units should avoid them as the Hero carries an Armorslayer and the Sniper has a Hunter's Bow on them.

Most of the Ballisticians will be using Steel Bows in battle; only the boss and five Ballisticians (three of which are reinforcements) will be using Silver ones instead. The Ballistician reinforcement from the fort also has Trample in addition to Surefooted.

On Hard and Lunatic, there will be more enemy units on the map, most notably five Ballisticians behind the boss and another Outlaw/Adventurer hiding in the southwestern road to the boss.


  • Sighting Lens
  • Tinted Glasses (actually shades) - from a Ballistician reinforcement near the player's starting position
  • Random E-D Rank weapon reward/miscellaneous reward (from village)

Enemy Reinforcements

  • On Turn 5, a Ballistician will appear at the fort near the player's starting position
    • On Hard/Lunatic Mode, an extra Ballistician is added for a Guard Stance.
  • On Turn 6, two Ballisticians will appear, one in the northern and southern forts
    • On Hard/Lunatic Mode, four Ballisticians will appear from the mentioned forts instead.