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A Band (腕輪 udewa - bracelet; bangle) is a special equipment type that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.


Bands become available for use in Path of Radiance when starting a second playthrough. Each band is based on a specific class and when equipped by a character will affect stat boosts that occur when that character levels up. Characters can only equip one band at a time.

There are a total of eleven bands in the game. Eight appear in the inventories of select playable characters and will become available to the player when they are recruited. The remaining three are acquired by defeating specific bosses.

Types of Bands

Band Japanese Effect Location
Soldierband.gif Soldier Band 兵士の腕輪 Heishi no Udewa/Soldier Bracelet Boosts HP and Defense growths by 5% Dropped by Kamura in chapter 8
Archerband.gif Archer Band 弓兵の腕輪 Yumihei no Udewa/Archer Bracelet Boosts Skill and Speed growths by 5% Shinon's inventory
Mageband.gif Mage Band 魔道士の腕輪 Madoushi no Udewa/Mage Bracelet Boosts Magic growth by 10% Dropped by Balmer in chapter 7
Fighterband.gif Fighter Band 戦士の腕輪 Senshi no Udewa/Warrior Bracelet Boosts HP and Strength growths by 5% Boyd's inventory
Knightband.gif Knight Band 重歩兵の腕輪 Juuhohei no Udewa/Heavy Infantry Bracelet Boosts Strength and Defense growths by 5% Gatrie's inventory
Paladinband.gif Paladin Band 騎士の腕輪 Kishi no Udewa/Knight Bracelet Boosts HP and Speed growths by 5% Oscar's inventory
Pegasusband.gif Pegasus Band 天馬騎士の腕輪 Tenma Kishi no Udewa/Pegasus Knight Bracelet Boosts Luck and Resistance growths by 5% Marcia's inventory
Wyvernband.gif Wyvern Band 竜騎士の腕輪 Ryuukishi no Udewa/Dragon Knight Bracelet Boosts Strength and Defense growths by 5% Jill's inventory
Thiefband.gif Thief Band 盗賊の腕輪 Touzoku no Udewa/Thief Bracelet Boosts Skill and Speed growths by 5% Dropped by Havetti in chapter 3
Priestband.gif Priest Band 神官の腕輪 Shinkan no Udewa/Priest Bracelet Boosts Luck and Resistance growths by 5% Rhys's inventory
Swordband.gif Sword Band 剣士の腕輪 Kenshi no Udewa/Swordman Bracelet Boosts Skill and Luck growths by 5% Mia's inventory


Curiously enough, in the localized version, the Paladin and Knight Bands have their names exchanged from the original Japanese.

  • The 騎士 (Kishi), in 騎士の腕輪 (Kishi no Udewa), means "knight" in Japanese, with the first character being a counter for horsemen. It comes equipped by Oscar, who belongs to the ランスナイト Lance Knight class.
  • The character that comes equipped with the Knight Band (重歩兵の腕輪/Heavy Infantry Bracelet), Gatrie, belongs to the アーマーナイト Armor Knight class. The word 重歩兵 (Juuhohei) is composed by the characters for 重 "heavy" 歩 "walk" and 兵 "soldier".
  • Upon promotion, Lance Knights change into パラディン Paladins, while Armor Knights change into ジェネラル Generals. This may be the reasoning behind the name change.
  • This inversion of names is similar to how Alondite and Ettard had their names exchanged in the localized version. Japanese Black Knight sports the mighty エタルド/Ettard, while Japanese Ike has the unique アロンダイト/Alondite in his inventory as his initial equipment in FE10. The names are inverted in the localized version.