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Banned Books is a post-time-skip DLC quest given to Byleth by a female Scholar in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the War Phase of any route.

Quest Details

"Seeking restricted books catalog."


"Go to Abyss and search for the list of rare books. Once you've found the list, you should consider visiting the archives in Abyss. You may discover new information you wouldn't normally be able to find."

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

"It seems a list of rare books that the Church of Seiros does not make publicly available has turned up in Abyss. If you could somehow get your hands on that list..."

Quest Completion Dialogue

"Thank you. Here, I've made a copy. Perhaps the books included in the list will be of use to you as well. I wonder what you'll find if you search the archives in Abyss..."


Given to you by a female Scholar dressed as a Gremory northeast of the Dining Hall.


  • Mythril x1
  • Umbral Steel x1
  • 800 Renown
  • Books in the shadow library can be read.


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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Talk to the scholar northeast of the dining hall and accept the quest on the player's next day off. Head to the Shadow Library in Abyss and pick up the List of Rare Books. Give it to the scholar to finish the quest.


  • One of the books in the library talks about technological advancements, including Binoculars, Oil, a printing press, and autopsies.