Bantu (Mystery of the Emblem) Edit

Summoned Edit

  • "Excuse me... Have you met a young girl by the name of Tiki?"

Home Edit

  • "I could not bear to keep Tiki locked away from the world, but in freeing her, much misfortune arose..."
  • "Hm? Me? I am Bantu. They call me a fire dragon."
  • "I am sturdier than I look. You needn't worry yourself on my account."
  • "Tiki is of the Divine Dragon Naga's tribe. To defeat an evil dragon, her power will be necessary..."
  • "This world is new—and strange... Would you be so kind as to help me find Tiki?"
  • "You there... Do you happen to know a young girl by the name of Tiki? I've heard rumors here and there..." (Greeting from friend)
  • "You are a curious human. I have lived a long life, but...never before have I encountered one such as you. Yet it feels as if... No, it's not possible you and I have it? Perhaps you only remind me of someone... Whatever the case, I have a favor to ask of you: Would you take care of this dragonstone for me? It need not be right away; I must keep watch over Tiki, after all. Yet the time will come when my duty ends... When that time comes...I will leave quietly and dispense of the dragon in me, as my brethren before me..." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info Screen Edit

  • "Hm? Me? I am Bantu. They call me a fire dragon."
  • "Oh, hello there. Do you want some attention?"
  • "Have you met a girl—a young girl by the name of Tiki?"
  • "Ah! I must get to pickling the vegetables... Tiki prefers them that way, you see."
  • "Prince Marth is very kind and generous... He helped me find my precious dragonstone—twice, actually."
  • "Hm... Oh no. Where did I—? Hmph."
  • "You, too, have a difficult duty to perform... I have found that patience helps."

Map Edit

  • "Indeed."
  • "Hmm..."
  • "Yeah, yeah..."

Level Up Edit

  • "I may not be much of a dragon, but... I will not fall behind! Not so long as this stone remains in my— Oh... Er..." (5-6 stats up)
  • "Battle...would be best avoided." (3-4 stats up)
  • "...I will survive." (1-2 stats up)
  • "Rather reckless of you... Do not blame me if my power grows out of control." (New skill learned)

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "I do as I must."
  • "This is my power."
  • "Retreat would be wise."
  • "This is your end."

Defeat Edit

  • "Forgive me, Tiki..."
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