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“Send word to all the troops: we're launching an all-out assault on Castle Leonster! There will be no retreat! Fight with all your soul if you want to live!”

Barat is a boss character encountered in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. A general of Friege, he is seen leading an army to retake Leonster from Leif's forces in Chapter 20. He is among Bloom's most capable officers, and is genuinely concerned about the fate of the empire. Out of desperation, Barat has his otherwise well-managed force issue a reckless charge towards Leif's unit, a mistake that ultimately costs him his life.

In Game[]


Starting Class
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Big shield.gif Great ShieldFE5 Sword Icon.pngSword - A
FE5 Lance Icon.pngLance - A
FE5 Axe Icon.pngAxe - A
FE5 Bow Icon.pngBow - A
FE5 Staff Icon.pngStaff - A
FE5 Fire Icon.pngFire - A
FE5 Thunder Icon.pngThunder - A
FE5 Wind Icon.pngWind - C
Masteraxe.pngMaster Axe
Tordo Scroll.pngThrud Scroll


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Despite being the boss of a Defense map, Barat must be defeated (and Turn 15 must be reached) before the chapter ends.

Oddly enough, Barat is statistically identical to Wolf, the boss fought in the preceding chapter, right down to his Level, Leadership stars and Weapon Ranks. However, he does have radically different weapons. His Master Axe, running off of a maxed 20 Strength, is as deadly as they come, and his Tordo Scroll lends him immunity to Critical hits, at least temporarily. His starting position is much weaker than that of Wolf at first, but Barat will benefit from all manner of same-turn reinforcements, including numerous Ballistae, multiple siege Mages with Meteor, and over 30 Armors. Particularly aggressive players may take him out early on (cutting off reinforcements in the process), but it is very difficult to achieve this, and it would be extremely difficult to nab his Tordo Scroll using this method.

After Turn 15, in a sure sign of desperation, Barat will begin to move. At this point, the player can retreat from any remaining siege units and utilize chokepoint tactics to whittle away the remnants of Barat's forces. It would be advisable to steal the Tordo Scroll from him if at all possible, but with only a handful of chapters remaining (and most likely a sizable collection of Crusader Scrolls already in the player's inventory) failing to do so would not be a significant loss.


Fighting Barat[]

“You nuisances have cost me my rank!”
—Barat's battle quote

Defeating Barat[]

“Ugh... So this is... where...”
—Barat's death quote


  • Barat has an unused captured quote. In the final game, Barat's high build makes him uncapturable.
  • In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Chapter 7 features the same raid featured in Chapter 20 of Thracia 776. The force is indeed commanded by an unnamed, armored, axe wielding General. Barat could potentially be based off of this character, though he is a Baron rather a General and the force he commands in Thracia 776 is far more competent than the one seen in Genealogy.