Barigan (バリガン), the Knight (騎士の中の騎士, Kishi no Naka no Kishi lit. Knight of Knights), was one of the Eight Legends who saved mankind in The Scouring. He wielded the ice lance Maltet. After The Scouring, he founded the area known as Ilia, renowned for its Pegasus Knights and mercenaries, although Barigan himself is speculated to be neither, as both his title and the only illustration point to him being a Paladin, or a similar class, however, there were some mercenaries from Ilia that are or can be Paladins, including Zelot, Treck, and Noah.


'Barigan' is a transliteration of 'Baligant,' an antagonist in the medieval French epic poem "The Song of Roland," which inspired most of the Eight Heroes' names.

Baligant in the poem is a Muslim emir from across the seas who comes to defend King Marsile of Spain against King Charlemagne and his Frankish Christian knights. Baligant is usually describe as the foolish contrast of Charlemagne. He is said to be old, handsome, and skilled with a sword but also feels inferior especially when he learns that Charlemagne's sword has a name. Baligant immediately names his sword with a similar name. In the end, Barigan is defeated by Charlemagne.

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