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“O valiant soldiers. You have, until now, faced unspeakable hardships... In towns, wastelands, prairies... you have obtained many proud victories. Despite that, today's arduous situation happened because of me, Barker. Because of my lack of capacity, your blood, sweat and tears... everything is about to turn to nothingness. I wish to offer my apologies. Furthermore, I want you to hear my last request. For the sons of Canaan, for the future of Canaan, here and now, I want you to fight for the motherland.”

Barker (バルカ Baruka) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the second son of King Bahanuke of Canaan and the brother of Arless, Julius, and Reshe. He is also the father of Estofarne. Along with his brothers, he is considered to be one of the three stars of Canaan.


Upon discovering that the Zoa Empire intends to conquer all of Lieberia, Barker protested against it, although Bahanuke never listened to him. He also opposed the Empire's advancement beyond Reeve because he thought that Canaan needed time to recover its power. After Arless was slain at a peace conference in Nolzeria, Barker began attempting to act as a replacement for him. Because of this, he reluctantly obeys all of his father's orders, which causes him to appear as weak-willed.

After learning about Sennet's uprising against the Zoa Empire, Barker conspires with Julius and Reshe to murder their father in order to end the war. However, Julius soon dies in a battle against Runan's army, leaving Barker to carry out their plan by himself. After killing Bahanuke, he is slain by Karla, who reveals herself as a witch of Zoa.