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The Baron (バロン) is a armored class first introduced in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Originally wielders of Lances as their sole weapon of choice in their first iteration, Barons are later given the versatility to wield all types of physical weapons and almost all types of magic in the Jugdral Series.

History in the Series

In Gaiden, Barons are the third-tier promotion of the Soldier line. An Armor character could class change into the Baron class any time after reaching level 10. They are essentially Lance-wielding Generals with high Strength and Defense and low Speed, using modified map sprites of the General class from the prior game. 

In Genealogy of the Holy War, the Baron is an enemy-only class that is able to wield Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows and Staves, as well as Fire, Wind and Thunder magic, losing only to the Master Knight class in versatility. They have high Strength and Defense, and they are also granted the formidable Great Shield skill as their class skill.

In Thracia 776, Barons continue the same role they had in Genealogy as powerful enemy generals that can use many weapons In this game, Barons are the only class to possess Great Shield as a base skill. There is unused data for a female Baron within the game.

In the Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game adaptation, due to the rules of the game making it so classes could only have a maximum of 4 weapon types, Barons are split into two variants. One that uses physical weapons, and another variant that uses magical weapons.

TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga has an unfinished armor class that appears to be Baron despite being unnamed. This class had the ability to use all weapons but Light magic. Due to being unfinished the class has no battle animations and uses the battle animation of a dismounted Kings Knight.

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the remake of Gaiden, again has Baron as a stand-in for General. Instead of the Pavise skill, Barons now have heavy armor which halves damage from bows. With the DLC content installed, level 20 Barons are capable of promoting to the Spartan class which learns the Phalanx skill that functions like the Pavise skill of old.


Base Stats

FE4451277701275--FE4 Sword.png A FE4 Lance.png A FE4 Axe.png A FE4 Bow.png A FE4 Fire.png A FE4 Thunder.png A FE4 Wind.png A FE4 Staff.png A
FE52610363015-610-FE5 Sword Icon.png D FE5 Lance Icon.png D FE5 Axe Icon.png D FE5 Bow Icon.png D FE5 Fire Icon.png D FE5 Thunder Icon.png D FE5 Wind Icon.png D FE5 Staff Icon.png D
FE154222-6401874--Echoes lance weapon type icon.png

Maximum Stats

FE480272222223027225--FE4 Sword.png A FE4 Lance.png A FE4 Axe.png A FE4 Bow.png A FE4 Fire.png A FE4 Thunder.png A FE4 Wind.png A FE4 Staff.png A
FE580202020202020-2020-FE5 Sword Icon.png A FE5 Lance Icon.png A FE5 Axe Icon.png A FE5 Bow Icon.png A FE5 Fire Icon.png A FE5 Thunder Icon.png A FE5 Wind Icon.png A FE5 Staff Icon.png A
FE154040-40404040406--Echoes lance weapon type icon.png

Growth Rates


Class Skills

FE4Big shield.gifGreat ShieldClass skill of the Baron class.
FE5Big shield.gifGreat ShieldClass skill of the Baron class.
FE15Echoes Class Skill icon.pngHeavy ArmorClass skill of the Baron class.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE2FE2 Knight Map Icon.gifArmorVisit a shrine when the appropriate level has been reached.FE2 Baron Map Icon.gifBaron
FE15KnightVisit a shrine when the appropriate level has been reached.Baron
FE15 BaronVisit the Altar of the Titan when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.Spartan map sprite.gifSpartan

Notable Barons


* - If one of the villagers promote into Soldiers .
** - If one of the Mercenaries promote into Dread Fighters, they can promote back into the Villager class.

Genealogy of the Holy War

Thracia 776


A "baron" is a member of the lowest rank in British nobility.


  • Barons have an unused red palette in Genealogy of the Holy War for player units. A similar color palette is later used in Thracia 776.
  • In Genealogy of the Holy War, the boss Reptor has a magic stat of 30, far above the Baron's magic cap of 22 listed within the game's internal data.

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