Baron Dominic is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a boss in Annette and Gilbert's shared paralogue.


Originally a title held by Gustave, the current Baron Dominic inherited the title after his elder brother departed from the family in shame after the Tragedy of Duscur. Out of respect to Gustave, Baron Dominic took both Gustave's wife and young daughter, Annette, in protecting both in his stead in hopes that he would one day return home.

Noticing his niece's talent for magic, he enrolled her in the Royal School of Sorcery in Fhirdiad where she excelled and graduated from at a young age. He would later help her attend the Officers Academy.

Azure MoonEdit

Seeking strength to help the Kingdom's Army, Annette pays Baron Dominic a visit in order to acquire the Dominic Heroes' Relics, Crusher, though Gilbert suggested otherwise as House Dominic has sided with Cornelia and will brand them as enemies. Annette and Gilbert ask Byleth and their army to wait outside in case something happens. As expected by Gilbert, Baron Dominic refused to hand over Crusher. When Gilbert suggests to Annette that they leave, Baron Dominic stops them from doing so, as letting an enemy of the Empire leave would be considered collusion and orders his men to capture the two.

Byleth's army manages to defeat Baron Dominic and his soldiers, but not kill him. Baron Dominic reveals that he instigated the fight to draw suspicion away from his people, as he could not let Annette leave with Crusher, as Cornelia would see this as a betrayal and forcefully subjugate his lands. He states that by simply having a fight in which he was defeated, it would make Cornelia believe that Byleth and their army attacked them and stole Crusher. Baron Dominic also promises Gilbert that he will continue to protect his wife while they continue their fight, telling him to return to her once the war was over.


A kind a caring man, Baron Dominic took in his sister-in-law and niece under his protection when his elder brother went into a self-imposed exile. He cherished his niece in particular, fostering her talents in magic. Even by Imperial Year 1185, he continued protected them. While he is willing to assist him, he also prioritizes the citizens of his territory and finds a way to circumvent the protection of his people and assisting his niece in overthrowing Cornelia, whom he despises, though in private.



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