“You're not gonna get any rest, rookies!”

Barry Goodman (バリィ・グッドマン) is a player-character in Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE. His Japanese voice actor is Yuichi Nakamura.


Barry is a thirty-five year old retired musician that moved to Japan and currently works as a trainer and scout for Fortuna Entertainment for three years now. Though he is a playable character, the identity of his Mirage partner has yet to be revealed, if he has one at all. Barry's birthday is February 20th, his blood type is B, he stands at 190cm, (6 feet, 3 inches), and his weight is unknown.

At some point, Barry was captured and under control of the corrupted Draug. He managed to break free of corrupted Draug temponity just before Itsuki separated Barry's Performa from corrupted Draug.


Barry is a comically excitable and intense person attracted to Japan's otaku culture. He is a fan of the anime Dia Witch Iroha, which in the game's universe is a show marketed toward girls. He has a noted appreciation for Mamori Minamoto.


The name "Barry Goodman" appears to be a pun referencing the phrase "Very good man." "Barry" is a name that comes from the French word "barré," which means "barred" or "striped." "Goodman" is a conjugation of the phrase "good man," and is descended from the equivalent "godeman" in Middle English.


  • Barry shares his Japanese voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura, with Ryoma.



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