Battalions are a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Overview Edit

Battalions take the form of squads of units that can be deployed alongside characters and will assist them in battle. Different battalions can be equipped to a character depending on their rank of Authority, and the strength of battalions is based on a character's Charm stat. Additionally, battalions have movement types—infantry, armored, cavalry, and flying—like units that limit which battalions they may equip; infantry, armored, and cavalry units may equip all battalions, but flying units are limited to flying battalions.

As a character ranks up their Authority, they can equip different battalions and learn different Gambits. Certain battalions are obtained as rewards from completing paralogues, requiring that a particular character be recruited. Said battalions generally reference a character's homeland and are usually equipped by the required character when encountered as an enemy. Others are acquired instead as rewards from completing quests; these battalions tend to not be aligned with any particular place and cannot be hired from the battalion guild.

Battalions have an endurance stat, similar to HP, which increments from 0 to some number, 30 at the lowest. Each battalion has a unique maximum endurance which does not increase will a level up, unlike the other stats. As a character takes damage, their equipped battalion takes half the damage (rounded down in case of decimals) from their endurance; when a battalion's endurance hits 0, effects from the battalion will disappear and Gambits cannot be used. Unlike HP, battalion endurance does not refresh once a battle is done, requiring instead to be replenished at the battalion guild; unlike units, battalions reduced to 0 endurance are not permanently lost, and their endurance can be replenished like any other battalion.

List of Battalions Edit

Movement Type Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Armored Supreme Armored Co. Raging Flames C
Infantry King of Lions Corps Wave Attack C
Flying Immortal Corps Ashes and Dust C
Infantry Alliance Archers Poisoned Arrows D
Infantry Alliance Duelists Mad Melee E 1,200
Infantry Alliance Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Infantry Alliance Infantry Lure E
Infantry Alliance Magic Corps Group Lighting D 1,200
Cavalry Alliance Knights Blaze C 1,500
Infantry Alliance Magic Users Resonant Lightning C
Infantry Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1,000
Infantry Empire Infantry Lure E 1,000
Infantry Empire Warriors Random Shot E 1,200
Infantry Empire Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Infantry Empire Magic Corps. Group Flames D 1,200
Infantry Empire Archers Fusilade D 1,200
Cavalry Empire Cavalry Assault Troop D 1,200
Armored Empire Armored Co. Impregnable Wall D 1,200
Cavalry Empire Knights Blaze C 1,500
Infantry Empire Snipers Flash-Fire Arrows C 1,500
Infantry Empire Magic Users Resonant Flames C 1,500
Armored Empire Pavise Co. Blaze C 1,500
Flying Empire Pegasus Co. Group Lance Attack D 1,500
Flying Empire Wyvern Co. Reversal D 1,500
Armored Empire Heavy Soldiers Line of Lances B 2,000
Infantry Empire Holy Magic Users Blessing B 2,000
Infantry Empire Raiders Absorption B 2,000
Armored Imperial Guard Blaze B 2,000
Flying Empire Elite Wyvern Co. Assembly B 2,000
Armored Black Eagle Heavy Axes Onslaught A 2,500
Cavalry Black Eagle Cavalry Linked Horses A 2,500
Flying Black Eagle Pegasus Co. Retribution A 2,500
Cavalry Holy Knights of Seiros Assault Troop B 2,000
Armored Indech Sword Fighters Retribution A 2,500
Infantry Jeralt's Mercenaries Assault Troop E
Infantry Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Infantry Kingdom Foot Soldiers Lure Scheme E 1,000
Cavalry Kingdom Knights Assault Troop C
Infantry Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E
Infantry Kingdom Lance Soldiers Co-ordinated Lance Strike E 1,200
Infantry Kingdom Magic Squadron Group Magic: Ice D 1,200
Infantry Kingdom Snipers Fusillade
Infantry Macuil Evil Repelling Co. Resonant Lightning A 2,500
Infantry Seiros Archers Fusillade D 1,200
Armored Seiros Armored Co. Onslaught D 1,200
Infantry Seiros Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Cavalry Knights of Seiros Blaze C 1,500
Infantry Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1,000
Infantry Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1,200
Infantry Seiros Magic Corps Group Flames D 1,200
Infantry Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1,200
Flying Seiros Pegasus Brigade Lure D 1,200
Flying Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D 1,200
Infantry Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1,200
Infantry Fraldarius Soldiers Onslaught B
Cavalry Alliance Cavalry Assault Troop D
Infantry Alliance Snipers Fusillade C
Infantry Alliance Veteran Duelists Absorption C
Flying Alliance Wyvern Co. Impregnable Wall C
Armored Alliance Armored Co. Disturbance D
Flying Alliance Pegasus Co. Assembly D
Cavalry Gloucester Knights Assault Troop B
Infantry Leicester Mercenaries Blaze B
Infantry Victor Private Military Assembly C
Cavalry Goneril Valkyries Assault Troop B
Flying Cichol Wyvern Co. Assault Troop A
Infantry Cethleann Monks Resonant White Magic A
Cavalry Gautier Knights Stride B
Infantry Merchant Military Poison Tactic E
Infantry Remire Milita Disturbance E
Infantry Empire Youths Disturbance E
Infantry Kingdom Youths Disturbance E
Infantry Almyra Mercenaries Fusillade E
Infantry Brigid Mercenaries Onslaught E
Infantry Bandits Disturbance E
Infantry Rogues Disturbance E
Infantry Pirates Disturbance E
Infantry Duscur Infantry Disturbance E
Cavalry Duscur Cavalry Assault Troop E

DLC Battalions Edit

Movement Type Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Infantry Leicester Dicers Corps Onslaught B
Infantry Mockingbird’s Thieves Absorption B
Infantry Nuvelle Chamberlain Co. Battleground Cafe C
Infantry Nuvelle Stewards Co. Battleground Clean Up C
Infantry Nuvelle Attendants Co. Absolute Defense C
Infantry Timotheos Magi Corps Resonant Flames B
Cavalry Reaper Knights Assault Troop E
Flying Nuvelle Fliers Corps Resonant Lightning B
Flying Secret Transport Force Stride B

Enemy-only Battalions Edit

Movement Type Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Infantry Alliance Guard Poison Tactic B
Infantry Ancient Infantry Disturbance E
Infantry Dahlman PMC Onslaught E
Infantry Dark Infantry Onslaught E
Infantry Duscur Infantry Onslaught E
Infantry Einherjar Assault Troop E
Infantry Enhanced Infantry Disturbance E
Infantry Gaspard Militia Disturbance E
Infantry Iron King's Thieves Disturbance E
Infantry Kronya Subordinates Onslaught E
Infantry Miklan Private Militia Assault Troop E
Infantry Mysterious Infantry Disturbance E
Infantry Pallardó Bodyguards Poison Tactic E
Infantry Phantasmal Infantry Disturbance E
Infantry Reaper Infantry Onslaught E
Infantry Royal Guard Line of Lances B
Infantry West Church Corps Group Lightning E
Infantry West Church Mercenaries Onslaught E
Infantry House Rowe Archers Flash-Fire Arrows E
Infantry Phantasmal Archers Disturbance E
Infantry Arundel Magic Corps Resonant Flames E
Infantry Dahlman Guard Resonant Flames E
Infantry Dahlman Magic Co. Group Flames E
Infantry Dark Magic Corps Resonant Lightning E
Infantry Mysterious Magic Users Resonant Flames E
Infantry Phantasmal Magic Corps Resonant Flames E
Infantry Solon Subordinates Resonant Flames E
Infantry West Church Sages Group Lightning E
Armored Ancient Armored Co. Onslaught E
Armored Dahlman Armored Group Assault Troop E
Armored Flame Emperor Co. Raging Flames C
Armored Imperial Guard Blaze B
Armored Rowe Armored Co. Group Lance Attack E
Cavalry Almyra Cavalry Assault Troop E
Cavalry Enhanced Cavalry Linked Horses E
Cavalry Phantasmal Cavalry Assault Troop E
Cavalry Rowe Cavalry Assault Troop E
Cavalry Rowe Knights Linked Horses E

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