Battalions are a new feature introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Overview Edit

Battalions take the form of squads of units that can be deployed alongside characters and will assist them in battle. Different Battalions can be equipped to a character depending on their rank of Authority, and the strength of Battalions is based on a character's Charm stat. As a character ranks up their authority, they can equip different battalions and learn different Gambits. As a character takes damage, the battalions health will decrease. Once a battalion's health reaches zero, effects from the battalion will disappear and Gambits cannot be used.

List of Battalions Edit

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Seiros Church Soldiers Disrupt E 1,000
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1,200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1,200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1,200
Seiros Magic Brigade Group Magic: Flame D 1,200
Seiros Pegasus Brigade Lure Scheme D 1,200
Seiros Cavalry Brigade Fire Scheme C 1,500
Kingdom Foot Soldiers Lure Scheme E 1,000
Kingdom Lance Soldiers Co-ordinated Lance Strike E 1,200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Kingdom Magic Squadron Group Magic: Ice D 1,200
Holy Knights of Seiros Assault Troop
Empire Archers Fusillade D 1,200
Empire Brawlers Disturbance E 1,200
Empire Infantry Lure E 1,000
Empire Knights Blaze C 1,500
Empire Magic Corps Group Flames D 1,200
Empire Warriors Random Shot E 1,200
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