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“One, two, three... Ha ha ha! I love a good war! With all those soldiers preoccupied, we're free to pillage as we please! Right, Bone--you're in charge. Grab everything that's not nailed down and bring it to the hideout.”

Bazba is the boss of Chapter 3 in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, although he first appears in Chapter 2 giving orders to Bone. He is the leader of Bazba's Bandits, and seems to have a fondness for war. He resides a bandit hideout in the mountains at Borgo Ridge, and is killed when Eirika and her army arrive there in search of her missing bracelet.




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Bazba is an axe user and therefore weak against swords, but you can use the Weapon Triangle to your advantage in more ways than one. For example, you could have Seth attack Bazba with a lance, in order to weaken, but not kill him. From there, you could have a weaker unit in need of experience finish him off, like Colm or Eirika. If this still doesn't kill him, then you can use a ranged attack to do so, but you shouldn't rely on this, as Bazba has reasonable speed, enough to occasionally dodge, so have Franz ready to rescue anyone in danger.


“I'm the head of this bandit pack, the mighty Bazba! Hope you've enjoyed your life, 'cuz it's about to end!”
—Bazba's battle quote
“I'm the...mighty...Bazba... This...ain't--”
—Bazba's death quote