Bazba's Bandits are a bandit group encountered in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and one of the various bands of thieves that ravaged the country of Renais following the confusion and lack of public order caused by Grado's sudden invasion. Based in Renais, the bandits are first seen in Chapter 2: The Protected, where they are in the process of pillaging the village of Ide, home to both Garcia and his son, Ross. They succeed in burning the village to the ground, wounding Ross. Their leader, Bazba, is then seen ordering his henchman, Bone, to finish looting the remaining villages. Eirika and her group manages to defeat Bone and a large number of the bandits.

Later, in Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo, Eirika and her group search for her missing bracelet, which leads them to Borgo Ridge, where the hideout of Bazba's Bandits is located. By the end of the ensuing battle, the rest of Bazba's Bandits, including their leader, are defeated.

According to Neimi, Bazba's Bandits were responsible for the destruction of the village of Lark, the former home of Neimi, Colm, and Zethla, her grandfather.

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