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The Beacon Bow (破魔の弓 Hama no Kyū, lit. Exorcism Bow) is a Bow exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is not obtainable through normal gameplay in the North American or European releases of the game. Like its Japanese name suggests, this bow is imbued with the special effect of inflicting effective damage against Monster units, and combined with its low weapon mastery requirement, is one that permits the player to plough through the game with relative ease.

The Beacon Bow is analogous to its other low-ranked monster slaying weapon counterparts, namely that of the Shadowkiller, the Fiendcleaver and the Bright Lance.

Weapon Stats[]

Name Type

Emblembow.gif Beacon Bow

Bow.gif Bow

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
E 60 6 85% 5% 2 5 1 -

Inflicts effective damage against Monsters.

Item Locations[]

Method Location
Event This weapon was one that could be briefly obtained through a Japan-exclusive Jump Festa event in late 2004, in which players could link their Gameboy Advance systems to specially-contrived devices to incorporate a certain set of data to a selected save file through the Transfer Data menu. Only one set of data can be transmitted per save file, and can only be harnessed from Ch. 2 and beyond.