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Concept artwork of the Beast Laguz in human form from Path of Radiance.

The Beast Tribe are a branch of the Laguz race, consisting of the Cat tribe, the Tiger tribe, the royal Lion tribe, and the long-forgotten Wolf tribe. Inhabitants of Gallia are mainly the feline types led by King Caineghis. The inhabitants of the northern land Hatari are led by Queen Nailah.

The Cat tribe could be considered the myrmidons of the Beast Laguz — specializing in speed, skill, and evasion. The Tigers are centered on HP, strength, and defense — thus comparable to Knights. The Lions compose the royal family of Gallia, ruling because of their sheer strength and power, fortified by heavy physical defense and high endurance (or otherwise, HP). The Lions are very capable of double-attacks versus beorc, though their immense strength makes them almost unnecessary. The Wolves center their techniques on speed, skill, and strength; their defenses are as open as the Cat tribe's defenses.

The entire Beast tribe is vulnerable to fire magic and, of course, weapons that specialize in the extermination of Laguz.

Characterized by arrogance and pride, the Beast Laguz are not commonly the most sensible of races. They have a strong sense of morals, particularly in their strength and loyalty, and their spirits are easily dampened by humiliation. Beast Laguz are said to heal quickly over time compared to how Beorc heal. An example of both characteristics is Skrimir. The Beast Laguz tribe has shorter lifespans then the Dragon, and Bird Laguz tribes, but still live five times longer then a normal beorc lifespan as revealed in the Q&A on the official site. 

Notable Beast Tribe Laguz[]


These skills are exclusive to the beast tribe.

  • Normal skills. These skills can be assigned to any of the beast tribes.
    • Quickclaw rebounds half damage taken from an indirect attack. Activation rate speed=%
    • Howl paralyzes an indirect attacker.
  • Satori Skills. These skills are unlocked by using a Satori Sign at Level 30
    • Rend Cats only. StrX5 paralyzes opponent.
    • Roar Satori Tigers and Lions only. Triples Str and immobilizes opponent (Radiant Dawn). Can be triggered once per battle, immobilizes opponent(Path of Radiance).
    • Savage Wolves only. Triples Str and halves enemy Skill for one turn.