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Before Awakening (覚醒との遭逅 Kakusei to no Sōkō lit. Unexpected Encounter with Awakening in the Japanese version) is the first DLC map in Fire Emblem Fates. It is a free map that involves three Awakening characters: Chrom, Lissa and Frederick.


Before the start of the Xenologue, Jakob/Felicia (depending on the gender of the Avatar) feels as if they are being watched. They say that they had noticed that several invisible soldiers had slipped out of their sight, and that the figures had stepped through a strange sliver of light. Jakob/Felicia then look through the light and see a forest, exclaiming that they had never seen such a thing before.

The Avatar's party then travel through the Outrealm Gate. Upon reading a sign that shows they had entered the Halidom of Ylisse, they are greeted by Chrom, Lissa and Frederick. The Avatar then asks them of the whereabouts of the invisible soldiers, which confuses the 3 Ylisseans into thinking the invisible soldiers are, in fact, Plegians. It prompts Jakob/Felicia to warn the Avatar that they have entered a different world, and that they are confusing them. The Avatar then tries to cover up that they are looking for invisible warthogs instead (which their servant decides to roll with). Frederick then questions them, wary of how absurd the story is. He then mentions that he notices that Jakob/Felicia call the Avatar Lord/Lady, Jakob/Felicia says that the Avatar is a prince/princess, and Chrom replies that he is a prince as well.

They then spot the invisible warriors, where the Avatar's party is assisted by Chrom, Frederick and Lissa.

If the Avatar speaks to Chrom on the battlefield, they will mention Hoshido and Nohr, with Chrom revealing that the two countries are well known in Ylisse, albeit as a legend.

Once defeated, Chrom says that the Avatar was a good tactician and that he should give them two of Ylisse's treasures, the Hero's Brand and the Exalt's Brand. However, the Avatar insists that they shouldn't be given these treasures. However, Chrom insists and says that if he could ask his older sister, Exalt Emmeryn, and that she would agree that the Avatar deserves them. Frederick also hands a Pebble to the Avatar, saying that it will help them on their journey.

Afterwards, Chrom, Lissa and Frederick find a figure passed out on a field. This is where the plot of Awakening begins.


The script for this chapter can be found here.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

Note: If players are attempting this DLC after passing a specific chapter, all enemy reinforcements shown below are in their promoted variant in bold text.

  • End of turn 1: 2 Ninjas/Master Ninjas appear from the northern forts.
  • End of turn 2: 2 Ninjas/Master Ninjas appear from the southern forts.
  • End of turn 3: 2 Ninjas/Master Ninjas appear from the northern forts.
  • End of turn 4: 4 Ninjas/Master Ninjas appear from all four forts.



Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Prior to passing a specific chapter (Chapter 17 in Birthright; Chapter 18 in Conquest) in the storyline, the enemies should not be much of a threat as they are unpromoted Samurai, Spear Fighters, Oni Savages and Ninja. They have respectable, but not overwhelming, skillsets and can easily be cleared out by Frederick. On the harder variant, the enemies are promoted into Swordmasters, Spear Masters, Oni Chieftains and Master Ninja.

Even on the harder variant, Frederick is strong enough to handle most of the enemies by himself, usually taking damage from the Oni Chieftains. However, Chrom and Lissa will be more susceptible to the enemy as although they can take several hits from them, they don't last as long as Frederick. The Ninjas should be first priority because in this Xenologue they carry Lunge, throwing allies into a larger fray of enemy units which could kill them.

Changes in DifficultyEdit

  • On Hard Mode, in addition to Lunge, the Ninjas will also have Poison Strike.
  • On Lunatic Mode, all of the enemies will possess at least one skill.


  • This map is based on Chapter 2 of Awakening.
    • The music in this chapter are recycled from Awakening.

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