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The Beginner Seal (初級試験パス Shōkyū Shiken Pasu) is a promotional item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

This item is used to promote units in the Commoner or Noble class into a beginner class by passing the Certification Exam at level 5 and with a high enough weapon rank for a specific class.

Classes that can use the Beginner Seal

Classes that can be promoted from the Certification Exam

  • Myrmidon: Level 5 with a Sword Skill Level of D or higher.
  • Soldier: Level 5 with a Lance Skill Level of D or higher.
  • Fighter: Level 5 with an Axe Skill Level, a Bow Skill Level or a Gauntlet Skill Level of D or higher.
  • Monk: Level 5 with a Reason Skill Level or Faith Skill Level of D or higher.
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