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Begnion crest

National Emblem of Begnion

The Begnion Empire is a location in the Tellius Series of Fire Emblem. It is a theocracy that is dedicated to the goddess Ashera. As the largest nation of Tellius, it borders all other nations on the continent, and it is also the most powerful country. In the past, Begnion had sovereignty over all the lands in Tellius with the exception of the laguz nation of Goldoa, but splintered due to ideological differences between the senators and the laguz, who would form nations of their own. During the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, it is 648 years old, founded approximately 132 years after Yune was sealed in Lehran's Medallion.


Tellius map

Tellius, with Begnion highlighted in blue

Begnion has a variety of terrain types, making it the most bio-diverse nation on Tellius. To the east, beyond Lake Semper, it is bordered by the vast Desert of Death, on the opposite side of which resides the laguz Kingdom of Hatari. To the northeast lies a long mountainous chain that acts as Begnion's border with Daein. This mountain chain continues to the northwest, also marking the border with Crimea. To the south, the mountains mark the western border with Gallia and Goldoa. Begnion's south is dominated by a vast coastal region and marks a maritime border with the island nations of Phoenicis and Kilvas.

The interior of Begnion is dominated by two major rivers, the Ribahn River and the mighty Miscale River, both of which cut through central Begnion. The Ribahn River is a tributary of the Miscale River. Tucked between the Miscale River and the mountainous border region with Goldoa and Gallia in western Begnion lies the Serenes Forest, which is the home of the heron laguz. The mountains that form the border between Begnion, Gallia and Goldoa contain the volcanic Kauku Caves, a widely-feared and dangerous series of lava tubes which are said to have entrances to both Gallia and Goldoa. To the east of the Miscale lies the vast Grann Desert, which was the home of the ancient Zunanma civilization, along with ruins that are used by the Laguz Emancipation Army and a secluded community of Branded that includes Stefan. To the north of the Miscale and Ribahn Rivers is the Sestohl Plains, while to the south of the Grann Desert is a vast plain region, which is the home to Begnion's capital, Sienne.


Being a theocracy dedicated to the goddess Ashera, the head of the country is the Apostle, who also dons the title of the empress. Ruling alongside the Apostle is the Begnion Senate, the members of which are entitled to the same respect and reverence as the Apostle herself. The upper eschelon of Begnion society is referred to as the Sainted and lived pampered lives of luxury and privilege. The lifestyle of Begion's subjects is rooted in ceremony and tradition, so much so that when Ike and his army seek refuge in Begnion during The Mad King's War, they found themselves constantly in danger of breaking social etiquette. The Greil Mercenaries also went as far as to openly insult Senator Lekain and even the Apostle Sanaki herself.


Sienne, the Begnion Capital. Here the Mainal Cathedral is shown with the Tower of Guidance in the background

Begnion's hierarchy leads all the way to the bottom of the social ladder with the laguz. Referred to as "sub-humans" by commoners and nobles alike, this deep hatred of the laguz amalgamates itself into a culture of racism which found its apex in the Serenes Massacre, a genocide in which the heron laguz tribe was wrongfully framed for the assassination of Misaha, the 36th Apostle. In addition to this, Begnion was long-involved in the slavery of laguz until Apostle Misaha issued the Laguz Emancipation Act in the year 624. Even after this law was enacted, many sections of Begnion's society, particularly the upper class and the senators themselves, continued the laguz slave trade. The most sought after prize among the senators, ironically enough due to the fact that it was actually them who conspired to initiate the Serenes Massacre, are members of the heron royal family, desired for their rarity, angelic white wings and glittering golden hair. One Senator in particular, Duke Oliver of Tanas was found guilty of involvement in the laguz slave trade, particularly his purchase of Serenes Prince Reyson, and was stripped of his post.


Begnion is politically divided into duchies, seven of which are mentioned: Persis, Gaddos, Numida, Tanas, Asmin, Culbert and Seliora. It appears that the duke of each region is also a member of the Begnion Senate. It also probably has a number of earldoms, but the only one of these that is mentioned is Kadohl. Whether these earldoms are subdivisions of the duchies or ruled in their own right is unclear. But it is certain that earls have a lower status politically and are not members of the Senate. While Apostle Sanaki is benevolent in her rule, as is her right-hand man, Prime Minister Sephiran, the Senate itself is secretly corrupt. In addition to conspiring to assassinate the previous Apostle and then blame it on the herons, they continue to hold laguz slaves and constantly compete with one another for the most prestige and influence. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Duke Oliver of Tanas purchases Reyson from Naesala, while it is revealed in Radiant Dawn that Senator Hetzel purchased Reyson's older brother Rafiel, although he intended to let him return to Serenes Forest. In addition, the senators secretly saved Duke Oliver after his conviction in the laguz slave trade. In an attempt to accrue the most prestige, the senators botch the defense of Begnion during the invasion by the Laguz Alliance in the events of Radiant Dawn. The senators led by Vice-Minister Lekain also turn on Sanaki and overthrow her, plunging the Empire into a civil war.


Sephiran and Zelgius

Sephiran, Duke of Persis (left) and General Zelgius (right)

Begnion is the most powerful nation in Tellius. The cornerstone of this power rests within the Begnion Holy Guards, an order of Pegasus Knights dedicated to the service of the Apostle. The leader of the Pegasus Knights, Sigrun, and the deputy commander Tanith both pronounce their willingness to die in order to protect Sanaki. The Holy Guard seems to be a very strict order, just like everything else in Begnion society, as evidenced by Tanith's disapproval of Marcia leaving her post to search for her missing brother, Makalov.

The opposite of the Holy Pegasus Knight Guard is the Holy Dracoknight Guard, which answers to the Begnion Senate. Many of the members of the Dracoknight Guard seem to be as corrupt as the Senate itself, with one of them, Zeffren, violating Crimean territory in order to capture the heron Princess Leanne and sell her for gold. The Dracoknights are not all dishonorable, however, as both Shiharam and Haar left the order and defected to Daein due to the corruption of the Senate.

The main military force of the country is the Begnion Central Army. The dukes of each region also appear to have personal armies, each with their own general. While the Central Army was initially led by inept nobles and senators squabbling for glory and influence, it was eventually taken over by Zelgius, the earl of Kadohl and one of the premier generals in all of Tellius. The army's force was further bolstered by Zelgius's admirer and eventual close confidant, Levail, who was formerly the general of Duke Gaddos's personal army. The army's sheer numbers are enough to halt the advance of the Laguz Alliance and the Greil Mercenaries during their invasion. Despite their significant advantage, the Begnion Central Army is compromised not by superior force but instead by the Begnion Senate's own ineptitude. After the Senate oust Sanaki, Senator Valtome is placed in charge of the army.

Notable Locations[]

  • Sienne - The capital of Begnion
  • Mainal Cathedral - The home of the apostle and center of the capital
  • Tower of Guidance - A monumental tower in Sienne where the goddess Ashera sleeps
  • Grann Desert - A desert area north of the capital and the original base of the Laguz Emancipation Army
  • Flaguerre - A fortress town on the Begnion-Gallia border
  • Mugill - A fortress town on the Begnion-Gallia border slightly southeast of Flaguerre and known for its thick walls.
  • Miscale River - A mighty river that flows through Begnion and beside Serenes Forest
  • Ribahn River - A tributary of the Miscale River that flows through the country
  • Telgam - Referred to as both a region and a city, it is located in the Sestohl Plains
  • Sestohl Plains - A region in western Begnion located west of the Ribahn River
  • Serenes Forest - A mystical forest which was the former home of the Heron Clan
  • Salmo - A region in eastern Begnion
  • Tanas - A dukedom located near the eastern edge of the Serenes Forest, across the Miscale River
  • Seliora - A dukedom located in northern Begnion
  • Gaddos - A dukedom located in northern Begnion
  • Soze Pass - A path located in the mountains north of the Grann Desert
  • Kauku Caves - Dangerous caves inside a volcanic mountain range that provide passage to Gallia and Goldoa
  • Lake Semper - A large body of water in northeastern Begnion near the Daein border

Family Tree[]


Notable Begnion[]


  • Altina - The founder of Begnion who under the divine protection of Ashera, battled Yune as one of the Three Heroes.
  • Soan - Second King of Begnion.
  • Meshua - The first Empress of Begnion.
  • Yoram - Granddaughter of Altina and the first Apostle of Begnion.
  • Toremeni - Granddaughter of Yoram and the third Apostle of Begnion.
  • Misaha - The Apostle of Begnion and grandmother of Sanaki and Micaiah whose murder eventually led to the Serenes Massacre.
  • Sanaki - The young but dutiful current Apostle of Begnion.


  • Sephiran - The Prime Minister of Begnion, the most senior member of the Begnion Senate, and the Duke of Persis who is actually the ancient heron, Lehran.
  • Lekain - The Vice Minister of Begnion, a high ranking Begnion senator, and the Duke of Gaddos who masterminded Apostle Misaha's murder and the Serenes Massacre.
  • Hetzel - Member of the Begnion Senate and the Duke of Asmin who was responsible for saving Rafiel's life.
  • Valtome - A narcissistic member of the Begnion Senate and Duke of Culbert.
  • Oliver - A member of the Begnion Senate and Duke of Tanas who cherishes everything beautiful by putting all his effort into the preservation of the arts.
  • Numida - Member of the Begnion Senate and the leader of the Begnion Occupational Army in Daein.
  • Duke Seliora - Member of the Begnion Senate who betrays Sanaki.


Holy Guard[]

  • Sigrun - The kind but strong commander of Begnion's Holy Guard charged with the protection of Empress Sanaki.
  • Tanith - The Deputy commander of Begnion's Holy Guard who leads with strength and discipline.
  • Marcia - Former knight of Begnion, who left her position to travel the land in search of her missing brother.

Holy Dracoknights[]

  • Shiharam - The father of Jill and a General in the Daein Army.
  • Haar - A naturally talented, but lazy dracoknight who is often napping. Former member of Begnion's Holy Dracoknights and Shiharam's second-in-command.
  • Zeffren - Greedy member of Begnion's Holy Dracoknights who trespasses into Crimea's skies to kidnap Leanne. Despises Haar.

Central Army[]

  • Zelgius - Commander of the Begnion Central Army who serves under Sephiran.
  • Levail - Former general of Duke Gaddos's army who becomes Zelgius' second-in-command.
  • Callum - A Sword General serving under Zelgius in Begnion's Central Army. Ordered to prevent Ike's forces from interfering with Zelgius' duel with Skrimir.

Occupational Army[]


  • Mia - A mercenary who is fighting to improve her sword skills but doesn't sweat the details in life.
  • Largo - A self-proclaimed "world class" berserker.
  • Septimus - A cowardly Lance General who always assumes the Laguz are out to consume him.
  • Silvano - A Sniper who is put in charge of halting the Laguz ambush.
  • Istvan - High rank Dragonmaster under Lord Seliora's imperial army who seeks to crush the Greil Mercenaries and Laguz alliance for a large amount of reward.
  • Zaitan - An Armored Lance Knight holding Daein's storehouse that's full of supplies and medicine.
  • Lombroso - An Axe Paladin who attacks the Greil Mercenaries under orders from an unnamed senator during a three-day truce between Zelgius and the Laguz Alliance. Has no respect towards Zelgius.
  • Rommit - A Halberdier in charge of guarding the gates to Mugill against the Greil Mercenaries and Laguz army.
  • Sergei - A Bow Paladin serving under Senator Valtome's personal army. Defies Zelgius' orders in order to pursue Elincia.
  • Veyona - A Druid who cares nothing for the senators but is forced to guard their camp during the Laguz Assault by the Ribahn River. Has respect towards Zelgius.
  • Wystan - a Fire Mage tasked to invade a fortress by the desert that's hiding King Ashnard's Son. Very racist towards Laguz.
  • Roark - A Halberdier and commander who led a pillage in a village on the countryside of Crimea.
  • Yuma - A Blade Paladin blessed by Goddess Ashera under the Disciples of Order. Believes Sanaki is the False Apostle.
  • Catalena - A Falcon Knight serving under Goddess Ashera to place judgement upon Ike's forces.