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“Prince Ephraim of Renais... The Obsidian Duessel... Two incredible trophies. Who could ask for more?”
—Beran's battle quote

Beran is an boss character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the boss of Chapter 10 in Ephraim's route, replacing Selena. After sending Selena back to Grado Keep, Valter entrusts Beran to hold the town against Ephraim.

Valter seems to trust Beran, unlike the relationship between Caellach and Aias, where Caellach planned to kill Aias regardless if he was successful or not. If Beran is still alive at the end of the chapter, he presumably deserts the Grado army and goes into hiding, as he knows that Valter will kill him for his failure.




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With a solid mix of defensive stats and the added benefit of being the boss of a survival chapter, Beran will often emerge from battle unscathed. While he is nominally vulnerable to horse-slayer gear, the only horseslayers available in Ephraim's route (barring skirmishes) are lances. Thanks to his Lancereaver, he is essentially immune to effective weapons, but in turn suffers against powerful axe users with at least 11-12 speed, such as Duessel.


—Beran's death quote