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Bergliez, located in the east of the Adrestian Empire, is the domain of House Bergliez.


The County of Bergliez encompasses Gronder Field, the breadbasket of the Empire, and stretches north to the Airmid River that separates the Empire from the Leicester Alliance. The territory's capital is Fort Merceus, a fortified city that prospers from agriculture and fishing.

House Bergliez has inherited rule over the Empire's Ministry of Military Affairs, and commands all Imperial armies that do not directly belong to the emperor. During times of war, the Count of Bergliez becomes the Imperial army's commander-in-chief. House Hevring, which directs the Empire's domestic affairs, has a fractious relationship with House Bergliez due to conflicts between their respective spheres of government.

They were notable in the Dagda and Brigid War, in which Count Bergliez at the time, Caspar's father, led armies to crush the armies of both nations after their invasion of the Empire failed.

In Imperial Year 1168, the previous Count Bergliez retired and passed on the title to his son, the father of Caspar and his unnamed eldest son. The previous Count Bergliez also had a step-son and daughter, Randolph and Fleche, through his second wife.

When Edelgard succeeded her father, House Bergliez and Hevring were the only notable houses in that their members were not purged.

Known people from Bergliez[]

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