Bernadetta is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is a student of the Officers Academy who hails from the Adrestian Empire, and is therefore is a member of the Black Eagles. She is also of noble birth and a member of House Varley.

Bernadetta possesses a minor Crest of Saint Indech. At the start of the game, she is seventeen years old.


Early lifeEdit

Bernadetta is the eldest daughter and heir of the son of the current Count of Varley. She is extremely shy towards strangers; the only place she feels at ease while far away from home is her room in the dormitory.

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This is due to extreme trauma she suffered since early childhood, at the hands of her father. Desiring to raise her to be a perfect wife for a political marriage, the Varley heir put Bernadetta through an extremely harsh, downright abusive set of so-called "lessons", such as tying her to a chair and forcing her to remain quiet for hours on end. The years of abuse led Bernadetta to hide away in her room, only to kick and scream whenever attempts were made to force her out. She eventually became so used to the confinement of her room that she grew to enjoy her time in solitude.

Due to her extreme shyness and the paranoia inflicted by her trauma, Bernadetta has difficulty socializing and making friends. She confides in Dorothea that she's afraid of becoming her friend because she's terrified of what her father might do if he were to find she made friends with a commoner. This is because when she was a little girl, Bernadetta became friends with a commoner boy... but her father, forbidding she associate with commoners, found out and forced her to stop seeing him. Bernadetta later learned that the boy had been found badly beaten, presumably by her father or her father's men on his orders.

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Academy phaseEdit

Bernadetta was sent to Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy in Imperial Year 1180 and joined the Black Eagles. When not attending lectures, she spends her time hiding in her room getting absorbed in her hobbies.

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After graduating, Bernadetta becomes an Imperial army general.

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War phaseEdit

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If the Black Eagles route is chosen, in Imperial Year 1185, Bernadetta is assigned to the Black Eagle Strike Force at Garreg Mach.

If the Blue Lions or Golden Deer route is chosen and Bernadetta has not been drafted into the player's army, she will appear alongside her allies from the Black Eagles during Chapter 17, "Blood of the Eagle and Lion" where she may be killed during the 3-way onslaught between the three houses. Edelgard will mourn for her sacrifice if she does, saying that it will "not be in vain".

If she is recruited into the Golden Deer, after Enbarr is taken, she is happy that the Empire is out of the war but scared because Edelgard was the one who put her father under house arrest.

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Bernadetta is a very shy and quiet girl. During her free time, she is often found holed up in her dorm room, avoiding most people. When she does have to wander outside, she will occasionally feign illness to avoid interaction with her fellow classmates. She is easily frightened when talking to others and may become so overcome with nerves that she freezes on the spot. She often believes that she may inconvenience people by her presence and will immediately fire off apologies before abruptly leaving, even if she did nothing. She also suffers from paranoia and can be suspicious of those that give her honest compliments.

Bernadetta is notably at ease around people that remind her of her uncle, the only adult in her life that treated her with genuine warmth. She is also fond of flowers, and particularly of carnivorous plants, as they're able to live in one place and wait for their meals to come to them. She practices various arts and crafts, including writing, drawing, and embroidery, but despite her talents fears others will find her creations worthless and anticipates being insulted. She is terrified of her father and reminders of him can make her fearful despite the vast distance between them. When she becomes upset, she is likely to blame, berate, and insult herself. When others give her patience and understanding, it takes her some time to adjust being comfortable around them.

Bernadetta likes reading, drawing, music, embroidery, unusual creatures, stuffed animals, and solitude. She dislikes speaking to people, imposing figures, and overbearing fathers.

In GameEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting ClassCrest
NobleCrest of Indech
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
-Icon Combat Art FE16 BowCurved ShotPersecution ComplexPersecution Complex
Lance Prowess Lv 1Lance Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 1 FE16Bow Prowess Lv 1
FE16 Bow Weapon IconIron Bow
FE16 Potion IconVulnerary
Skill FE16 sword icon FE16 lance icon FE16 axe icon FE16 bow icon FE16 brawl icon FE16 reason icon FE16 faith icon FE16 authority icon FE16 heavy armor icon FE16 riding icon FE16 flying icon
Level E E+ E D E E E E E E E
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 hidden talent icon

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
35% 35% 20% 55% 50% 25% 20% 30% 35%

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
70 51 40 75 69 41 41 39 49

Learnt MagicEdit

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Blizzard Heal
D+ Thunder Nosferatu
C Thoron Physic
C+ - -
B - -
B+ - -
A Fimbulvetr Rescue
A+ - -


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Bernadetta is the primary archer for the Black Eagles and has well-rounded stats for the role. Her speed and dexterity are good, but she may have shaky growths elsewhere, and her below-average luck and defense mean she's vulnerable to incoming attacks. However, her personal skill does allow her to deal extra damage when she is below maximum health, so it can be worthwhile to leave her slightly damaged. She also acquires Deadeye and Encloser as Combat Arts, giving her excellent range and utility in archery classes.

Bernadetta's budding talent in Riding and strengths in Lance and Bow mean she is ideal for promotion to Bow Knight, but she is weak with all other melee weapons. As such, she isn't exactly flexible in her class choices. Her spell list is decent, including Rescue in the Faith tree, but Bernadetta's low magic means she won't excel in magic-based classes.

Given her skill levels, Bernadetta will have easy access to the Soldier class family (Soldier, Cavalier, Paladin) and the Fighter class family (Fighter, Archer, Sniper, Bow Knight).

Recruitment Edit

To recruit Bernadetta to another house, Byleth must have a sufficiently high Strength stat (20) and Bow skill level (C).

Supports Edit

See also: Bernadetta/Supports.

Quotes Edit


Possible Endings Edit

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Bernadetta - Eternal Loner

As soon as Bernadetta inherited House Varley from her father, she withdrew from all political discourse and focused solely on the management of her own territory. Because of this and her penchant for spending long periods of time in "hibernation," she became known throughout the house's history as the "Bear of Varley."

Bernadetta and Byleth (Crimson Flower route)

Almost as soon as Byleth and Bernadetta were finally wed, the battle against those who slither in the dark began in earnest. Many were concerned that the new leader of House Varley would do little more than hide, but she fell in alongside her husband and followed him everywhere, fighting to bring lasting peace to Fódlan. Forced to throw herself into one terrifying battle after another, Bernadetta developed such a tough character, it is said that absolutely nothing could frighten her.

Bernadetta and Byleth (Silver Snow route)

After ascending the throne as the first leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, Byleth announced his marriage to Bernadetta. Many were concerned that the new leader of House Varley would do little more than hide, but she in fact followed the new king wherever he went and provided him with constant counsel. She never did overcome her shyness, however, and it is said that aspiring advisers who frightened her were quickly turned away. Because the ones she liked performed well in their service to the people, Bernadetta was widely believed to have a discerning eye.

Bernadetta and Hubert

The marriage between Hubert, Minister of the Imperial Household, and Bernadetta, leader of House Varley, was so surprising to the public that it was much talked about even outside of political circles in the capital. Bernadetta took the oppurtunity to survey the far reaches of the new Adrestian Empire, and in her absence, Hubert took well to the management of Varley territory. They proved to be an astonishingly good match, working together to protect Fódlan from the shadows. It is said that they showed their affection for one another by wearing matching embroidered flowers.

Bernadetta and Caspar

After some uncertainty about the details, it was decided that Caspar would marry into Bernadetta's family, seeing as she had claim to House Varley. The two had a chaotic reign and a marriage to match. Each time Caspar caused some incident, Bernadetta would demand promises as recompense. Over time, their oaths accumulated to such a great number that it became necessary to compile them, and the resulting document came to be known as the "47 Articles of Bernie." Among these Articles was the provision that, when counting their large quantity of children, Caspar was not to accidentally count his wife among them.

Bernadetta and Ferdinand (Crimson Flower route)

After the war, Bernadetta renounced her claim to House Varley. She married Ferdinand, the new Duke Aegir, and the two contributed to relief efforts by instituting reforms across their Dukedom. Due to the success of those policies, Ferdinand was offered the position of Prime Minister by the emperor. He accepted, leaving the management of Aegir territory to his wife, while he worked to apply their ideas to the Empire at large. Since Bernadetta did not like to leave home, Ferdinand's life involved a lot of travel to and from the capital, but it is said he always embarked on his return home with a smile on his face.

Bernadetta and Linhardt (Crimson Flower Route)

Linhardt and Bernadetta caused quite the stir after the war when they abandoned their inherited titles and eloped to Garreg Mach. Returning to the monastery, where they were always most comfortable, the couple lived peaceful lives away from the hassle of politics. When the Empire's efforts to restore the church were complete, the officers Academy reopened, and two eccentric individuals took up professorships there. One was perpetually asleep, or absorbed in absentminded study; the other refused to show herself at all unless it was time to give a lecture.

Bernadetta and Felix (Azure Moon route)

After the war, Felix inherited the title of Duke Fraldarius from his late father, Rodrigue. He married Bernadetta, who abandoned claim to House Varley in order to start a life with him. After they had finished restoring Fraldarius territory, Felix traveled across Fódlan as the king's right hand. While he was away, Bernadetta handled local affairs while holed up in her room in the castle. The frigid air of northern Faerghus caused her to hide away even more than usual, but whenever her beloved husband returned, she would rush out to greet him.

Bernadetta and Felix (Other routes)

After the war, Felix attempted to set out on his own, but was waylaid by Bernadetta, who begged him not to go. Persuaded to stay, Felix ended up marrying into House Varley, the title of which Bernadetta had inherited. The couple got along smoothly, although it was rumored that in the early years of their marriage, she once had to restrain him physically to prevent him taking a trip to the Oghma Mountains to train. As the years wore on, Bernadetta became more reclusive, and Felix took over many of the day-to-day duties of running the house. Documents from their later years were increasingly signed with the name Felix, Count Varley.

Bernadetta and Raphael

When Bernadetta first inherited control of House Varley, she hid away and would not involve herself in political or administrative affairs. During this time, it was Raphael who came to her aid, encouraging her to work through her fear of people. The training period was difficult-"humiliating," according to the journals Bernadetta left behind—but in the end, it had its desired effect. The leader of House Varley became an outgoing and authoritative individual, taking part in public policy. She even took on a very muscular husband.

Bernadetta and Seteth (Azure Moon route)

After the war, Seteth remained at the monastery and dedicated himself to the restoration of the church. He was soon joined by Bernadetta, who abandoned her inheritance to House Varley and took up residence at Garreg Mach to commit to a life as a recluse. As the years wore on, Seteth wrote many fables, first in his spare time, and then later as his main preoccupation. His stories became famous among children throughout Fódlan. As he gained renown, many began to inquire about the wonderful illustrations that accompanied the writing. In response to these questions, Seteth was known to shrug and say, "Ask my wife... if you can find her."
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Etymology Edit

Bernadetta is a variant of the french name Bernadette, a female version of Bernard, meaning "brave bear". The French Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who was said to have visions of the Virgin Mary (as Our Lady of Lourdes), popularized the name.

Trivia Edit

  • Bernadetta shares her English voice actress, Erica Mendez, with Fire Emblem Warriors' Lianna, as well as Deirdre (from Genealogy of the Holy War) in her appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Bernadetta has a unique post-timeskip battle model as an Archer and Sniper.
  • The interior of Bernadetta's dorm room is decorated with unique items including rolls of fabric and a teddy bear.
  • Bernadetta stands at 150cm (or about 4’11”), growing to 165cm (or about 5’5”) after the time skip.
  • In the version 1.02 update, her B-support with Byleth was changed to exclude the word "submissive" and the fact that she was tied to a chair all day while being challenged to stay quiet.
  • In a survey conducted by Nintendo DREAM Magazine, Bernadetta placed 8th with 10.9% of the vote overall and ranked 5th with 15.1% among those who completed the game in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The male-female vote ratio was 1:2.


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