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Berserker is an enemy exclusive class from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, unrelated to the later Axe using Berserker class introduced in Thracia 776. It appears to be an enemy exclusive variant of the Hero class.


The lone Berserker class unit has the name "Evil Fighter."

The Berserker class is exclusively used by a generic enemy in chapter 11. This enemy is labeled Evil Fighter and wields the sole Meisterschwert in the game.

While nearly identical to hero, the Berserker class is distinguished by: higher stats, a unique map sprite depicting a swordsman wearing a winged helmet holding his sword upright, and a pink and green battle palette.

Outside of its unique idle stance, Berserker map animations are the same as the hero class except for the aforementioned winged helmet.

Like most unplayable classes in Mystery, the Berserker has no player palette, incomplete data for using the Arena, and their overworld graphics only work in certain maps.

In the remake, the Berserker is replaced with a Swordmaster wielding the Master Sword, while the Evil Fighter title is removed. On harder difficulties, there are two Swordmasters wielding Meisterschwerter, but there is still only one sword obtainable from defeating them.



FE3268-812080Sword 5


FE35220-2020202020Sword 20

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  • It is speculated the unused Guardian class was going to have a similar role as a rare enemy with a powerful weapon encountered on Anri's Way.
  • The Berserker class is weak to the swordslayer, much like the Hero or Mercenary, despite the fact that, without modifying the game or using cheats, it's impossible to obtain one before encountering the Berserker.