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“How? This can't be... They should be dead! Everyone! Get in there and finish them! This is our final chance!”
—Beyard, at the end of Enemy Phase Turn 2

Beyard is the boss of Chapter 7x of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is one of the first Black Fang bosses you fight. It is assumed that he had a little power, as he was Ursula's assistant. He also shares an odd resemblance to Eubans, another enemy boss in a later chapter. The two use a shared base portrait with different color schemes.

After Lyn's ambush on Black Fang forces, Beyard has fallen from Ursula's graces. However, he has a plan to use Ninis' Grace, the ring stolen from Ninian, to lure Lyn's group to the Black Fang fortress, where he hopes to kill her and her forces, and capture Nils and Ninian. When he is defeated at Lyn's hands, Beyard punishes his own failure by following the Black Fang code of conduct: he takes his own life with poison.


Help Description: One of the Black Fang. Hunts for Ninian and Nils.


Starting ClassAffinity
WeaponStarting Items
Sword Sword - BSteelswordSteel Sword


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Beyard is among a narrow list of bosses who lack both the ability to move and to attack at a distance. Given this, and the fact that he has abysmal resistance, he is easy fodder for Erk and Lucius' magical attacks.


“I mustn't fail...I cannot fail. The consequences are too--”
—Beyard's battle quote
—Beyard's death quote
“Failure...means death...”
—Beyard's final words


Beyard may be a corruption from the French "Bayard" meaning "a bay horse", "any horse" or "a stupid, clownish fellow". It also is similar to "bejaard," the Dutch word for "elderly."