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The Bifröst (ビフレスト Bifuresuto) is a Staff from Fire Emblem Fates. An S Rank Staff, the Bifröst, much like the Aum Staff and the Valkyrie Staff of old, is imbued with the special property of resurrecting a fallen unit.


Unlike its predecessors, the Bifröst has several restrictions imposed on its resurrection property, the most prominent being its inability to resurrect characters who may have died/been disabled in previous skirmishes. It will only resurrect a fallen unit in the current skirmish; if multiple units fall in battle in the current skirmish, it will only resurrect the last fallen unit; the player can not select which unit they can revive. In Revelation, Bifröst cannot be used to resurrect Scarlet.

Usage of the Bifröst is reserved exclusively for Maids and Butlers, which are the only classes that may use staves at S-rank.

Bifröst may be brought into Wireless Battles; however, for balancing reasons (since the staff is not obtainable in Birthright), it cannot be used.

Weapon Stats[]

Fire Emblem Fates[]

Name Type

FE14Staff.png Bifröst

FE14 Staff.png Staff

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avo Rng WEx Worth
S 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- 0

Resurrects the last character who died in the current map.

Item Locations[]

Fire Emblem Fates[]

Method Location
Treasure Conquest Chapter 26 - Chest
Dropped Revelation Chapter 26 - Boss


In Norse mythology, Bifröst is a rainbow bridge that connects Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.