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Seth: Dastard! Away with you!
Binks: No need to get personal! You know, there's a pretty price on your pretty head. Sorry, but I need that gold.”
—Binks and Seth talking

Binks is a minor character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He and his mercenary troop were hired by Pablo to kill Eirika when she came through Port Kiris. He seems laid back and greedy, only concerned with finishing the job and collecting his pay. He does not appear to hold a severe grudge against Eirika, rather he considers the killing to be another job. Later, he is assisted and betrayed by Grado soldier, Amelia. It is revealed he and his company are being paid 5,000 gold for the job, a sum which Binks considered to be too low if he is confronted in battle. When killed, he believes Pablo lied to him about the strength of Eirika and her companions. It is possible that Pablo intended for Binks' mercenaries to hold Eirika's forces up in order to avoid them joining with Innes and finding Klimt before his own forces did.




“Blast! This ain't right! These guys are too tough...5,000 gold ain't nearly enough for this!”
—Binks' battle quote
“Th-That stinkin' Pablo...He...lied to me...”
—Binks' death quote