Concept artwork of the Bird Laguz in human from from Path of Radiance.

The bird tribe are a branch of the Laguz race, composed of three subdivisions: the Hawk clan residing in Phoenicis, the Raven clan residing in Kilvas, and the royal Heron clan, whose home in Serenes Forest was destroyed in the Serenes Massacre.

In general, the bird tribe laguz excel in speed, making them adept to evasion and attacks by depleting enemy's HP. The royal Heron clan, however, are unable to engage in combat, instead supporting their allies through their performances of sacred Galdrar.

Classified as flying units, the bird tribe is vunerable to Wind magic and Bows.

Notable Bird Tribe Laguz[edit | edit source]

Hawks[edit | edit source]

Ravens[edit | edit source]

Herons[edit | edit source]

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