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After defeating Martel and making it through the woodlands, Roy and company face the blizzards common of Ilia's winters. Ilia's harsh weather has in the past served as a natural defense against invaders. In this blizzard, Sigune, captain of a pegasus knight squad working for Bern, makes preparations to attack Roy and his troops...

Chapter 19A: Bitter Cold:

(Inside the castle)

Pegasus Knight: Captain! The enemy has arrived. They are just beyond the mountains.

Sigune: It begins.

Pegasus Knight: Captain, are you sure?

Sigune: About what?

Pegasus Knight: The Eturian Army says they will liberate us from Bern. They say they'll give us our independence...

Sigune: You can't be fool enough to believe that. No one fights a war without gain. Once they defeat Bern, they intend to take over. It will be the same.

Pegasus Knight: But...

Sigune: Bern are the better allies, They are more experienced in warfare.

Pegasus Knight: ......

Signue: Come now, we have more immediate problems. We must eliminate the enemy that lies before us. Are the ballistae ready?

Pegasus Knight: Yes, the archers are all at their stations.

Sigune: Good! Fire at them from a distance. They'll be floundering around in the dark of this powerful blizzard. Observe nature's wrath...


Roy: Such powerful wind and hail... I can barely see in front of me.

Niime: Ilia's winters are always like this. If you want to fight in this weather, you'll have to put up with it.

Roy: We can't allow Bern time to regroup. We must attack now.

Niime: You're right. If the demon dragon is victorious, it could be the end of us all.

Roy: I've been wondering... Do you think the demon dragon is human?

Niime: It seems proable. It could be that all dragons in this realm are in human form. I've even heard stories of dragons in human form living with people.

Roy: Arcadia...

Niime: Hm? What did you say?

Roy: Er, nothing.

Niime: I don't know much about the details, but I've read that dragons only began to take human form after the Ending Winter.

Roy: The Ending Winter...

Niime: I expect you've heard of it.

Roy: Yes, but only in legend. I learned that in the Ending Winter, the laws of nature were all warped. Day became night, and summer became winter.

Niime: That's it. The scrolls I read are so timeworn that I couldn't decipher all of them. But one thing is clear. The Ending Winter was a disaster powerful enough to bend and twist the whole planet.

Roy: What caused it?

Niime: Nobody knows for certain... Legends says it happened when the dragons released vast amounts of magical power, but nobody is sure what really happened. In any case, it is a certainty that dragons began to take human form after the Ending Winter. I don't believe it is mere coincidence.

Roy: I agree

Niime: Either way, the truth lies in Bern.

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