“After triumphing at Notre Saggesse and gaining the Rainbow Sage's power. Avatar heads to Macarath to recover. However an unexpected battle awaits.”
—Opening Narration

Bitter Intrigue (昏き企み lit. The Evening Plan in the Japanese version) is Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version. Elise cannot be used in this Chapter.


There are various pots littered around the map. Once a pot is destroyed, it will either debuff or buff all units within a certain range. There is a Dragon's Vein spot on the map which destroys all pots at once when activated.

It's possible to kill Ryoma, but it's very difficult to do so. He is fast enough to double most units and his defense is strong enough to make it difficult to take him down with even multiple attacks.

On Hard difficulty, 8 Apothecaries spawn on the bottom left and right sides of the map.


Chest Items

Dropped Items

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