“Lady Ishtar... Please forgive me...”
—Bleg's Death Quote

Bleg is the sister of Meng and Maybell, a Falcon Knight, and a descendent of the Crusader Sety. She fights alongside Ishtar in the Final Chapter with her sisters, and she perishes fighting Celice's army.


All of the three Falcon Knights fighting alongside Ishtar are difficult to defeat due to their high stats, powerful skills, Earth Swords, and their ability to conduct a Triangle attack. The best way to defeat them is having them attack your Holsety User, and letting him defeat them on his counterattack (so the Earth Swords don't heal them), but unless your Holsety User has Pursuit, and only Sety will have this naturally, he will likely not be able to defeat them in one round. If you have a choice, defeat Meng first to get rid of her four leadership stars.

Base Stats

|Falcon Knight
|Sword, Lance, Staff


Triangle Attack

If Meng, Maybell, and Bleg manage to surround a unit on three sides (a triangle), they can activate a Triangle attack, which is basically a guaranteed critical hit. If that happens then you will probably have a dead character and may reset the chapter (assuming it's some one you care about) &nbsp

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