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Blessings are special enhancements for Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Blessings are a special condition that can be given to Heroes in the player's roster. Aside from a few exceptions, playable Heroes do not innately carry blessings. Players can confer a blessing onto these units by using a consumable Elemental Blessing item earned in various modes or summoning specific units on Legendary and Mythic banners. In total, there are 8 possible blessings that can be given: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Anima, and Astra.


Visually, in combat, a unit with a blessing has a special effect whenever they use their Special Skill, having their afterimage be a specific color depending on the blessing they have. Heroes can only have one blessing at a time and can change their blessing by using another different blessing type if the player has one. All units with blessings innately gain double Skill Points during battle and can stack on other SP bonuses.
Each week, four elements are highlighted on the top left corner of the menu interface in two combination: Water/Wind/Light/Dark and Earth/Fire/Astra/Anima. The highlighted elements increase the player's scoring in Arena Duel and Aether Raids modes if the player uses at least one Hero with that blessing. Water/Fire/Earth/Wind units affect Arena Duel scoring while Light/Dark/Astra/Anima units affect Aether Raids scoring. For the latter group, Light and Astra blessings grant scoring bonuses to attacking Aether Raids teams while Dark and Anima blessings grant scoring bonuses to defending Aether Raids teams. If an Anima/Dark Hero is present on an attacking team or a Light/Astra Hero is present on a defending team, the player takes a scoring penalty instead.

Legendary/Mythic Heroes

Legendary and Mythic Heroes play special roles in blessings as all Legendary and Mythic Heroes are innately granted with a specific elemental blessing and cannot change these. Legendary Heroes will always have a Water, Fire, Wind, or Earth Blessing while Mythic Heroes will always have a Light, Dark, Anima, or Astra Blessing. Most of the Legendary/Mythic Heroes grant a special stat bonus to other units who share the same blessing, mainly boosting their HP stat and either Attack, Speed, Defense, or Resistance by a fixed amount. These are flat increses at the start of a map and are maintained even if the Legendary/Mythic Hero falls in battle.
Some Legendary Heroes have a special type of blessing that allows them to Pair Up with other units. Legendary Heroes who can Pair Up can select any unit in the player's roster. When deployed, the Pair Up Legendary Hero can freely swap between themselves and their Pair Up partner through a button on the bottom of the battle screen interface. This can be done even if that unit has acted. However, once they have acted, even if they switch, the partner will not be able to act unless an ally with a Dance command, activation of Galeforce, a similar is used on them, or the player's turn begins anew. If one of the unit's HP is reduced to 0, the other will immediately take their place. The unit selected as the Pair Up partner is not removed from the roster and can be deployed on their own alongside the Pair Up Legendary Hero. However, if they are individually deployed, the Pair Up Legendary Hero cannot freely switch.
Some Mythic Heroes have a special type of blessing that allows the player to deploy an additional character to their Aether Raids team. This allows the player to deploy up to six Heroes for their offensive teams while defensive teams can have up to seven. These Mythic Heroes can only be deployed as an additional unit only during their elemental season.


The following are the current Legendary and Mythic Heroes and their respective element/stat blessing combinations.

Blessing Type Attack Speed Defense Resistance Pair Up Raid Party
Water Blessing.png
Legendary Eirika Fjorm Legendary Ryoma Legendary Azura Legendary Leif
Legendary Chrom
Legendary Dimitri
Legendary Male Byleth
Fire Blessing.png
Legendary Hector - Legendary Ephraim Legenary Marth Legendary Celica
Legendary Roy
Legendary Lilina
Legendary Edelgard
Wind Blessing.png
Legendary Lyn Legendary Lucina Hríd Gunnthrá Legendary Eliwood
Legendary Female Corrin
Legendary Sigurd
Legendary Micaiah
Earth Blessing.png
Legendary Ike Legendary Female Robin Legendary Tiki - Legendary Alm
Legendary Seliph
Legendary Julia
Legendary Claude
Light Blessing.png
Freyja Peony Mila Eir - Dagr
Dark Blessing.png
Bramimond Yune
Hel Sothis - Nótt
Astra Blessing.png
Altina Plumeria Naga - - Reginn
Anima Blessing.png
Duma Líf Thrasir Mirabilis - Seiros