The Blight Dragon (暗夜竜 Anya ryū, lit. Anya Dragon) is an enemy-only Dragon class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem Fates. The personal class of Garon on the Birthright route, the Blight Dragon class breathes rivulets of putrid air in order to damage its foes. Like all other dragons appearing in the game, the Blight Dragon is capable of activating the power stored within Dragon Veins.

Story[edit | edit source]

Birthright[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 27, after Garon is defeated for the first time, he regains consciousness and transforms into a dragon. Corrin is shocked by Garon's appearance and questions what is he. Garon explains that this is his true form, granted by the great Anankos. Garon attacks Corrin, destroying the Yato, which surprises both of them. Ryoma and Takumi attempt to counter back with their own legendary weapons, only to be knocked back by another attack. When he attempts to finish them off, Corrin defends them and takes one last attack from Garon to keep the two safe, seemingly killing him/her.

In Endgame, Corrin, with the help of the departed souls like Xander, regains the destroyed Yato, and returns to the throne room alive. Garon attempts to shatter the Yato again, only to fail. Corrin vows to end Garon's reign, and to bring peace back to both Hoshido and Nohr for good. Azura begins singing her song to weaken Garon, and Corrin's final battle with Garon begins. Ultimately, Corrin's army is victorious, and Garon is slain once and for all. Just before dying, however, Garon reverts to his human form and tells Corrin that he saw him/her as his "most precious pawn", and tells him/her that he is at peace. He reveals that, since some indeterminate moment, he changed and his old self was lost forever and fades away. Corrin wonders if what Xander said was true, with Garon being "controlled" by someone else.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Garon's dragon form being known as a Blight Dragon, in this form he has the same appearance of the Dusk Dragon of Nohr.

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