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“What's with this place? The people are going about their business. Why aren't they worried about Daein? About the war?”

Blood Runs Red is Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

  • The Black Knight emerges from the house into the upper-right side of the middle area when your units attack the boss. When he appears, run from him and stay out of his range; you cannot damage him yet and he can pretty much one-hit kill all your units. He appears at the beginning of the enemy phase, so he can move and kill you if you're in range when he appears. However, he will not move freely on easy or normal (unless your unit is within range, as stated above), but will move two spaces per turn on hard and three per turn on maniac.
  • Do not kill Jill and stay out of her attack range; if she survives this chapter, you can recruit her later on the next chapter.
  • Each Vigilante left alive gets you 50 EXP (75 XP on Easy). There are 3 Vigilantes on the map. (5 on hard)
  • If you try to get the items in the houses with a laguz unit, they will not give it to you.
  • There are thieves on this map. If they get to the houses before you do, the houses will become unavailable for you to visit.
  • You can ignore the other boss Mackoya and go towards the arrival point. However, if you wish to fight Mackoya, he will leave a Master Seal upon defeat.


Dropped Items

Items in Houses

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Jill and 2 Wyvern Riders appear at the bottom right corner at the end of Turn 4.
  • The Black Knight appears from the house slightly to the right side of the middle of the map one turn after a player unit enters the range of Mackoya. He can move and attack on the same turn on which he appears. On easy and normal, the Black Knight does not move unless a player unit is within his range. On hard he freely moves 2 tiles per turn, and on maniac, 3.

Base Conversations

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Merchant * - -
Man *** - Laguzslayer
Elincia * - -
Kieran * Kieran recruited and is alive -
Brom * Brom recruited and is alive -
Nephenee * Nephenee recruited and is alive -