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“At long last, Lyn arrives in the land of her mother's birth. Lycia is a federation of territories, each one ruled by a powerful marquess. Now, Lyn takes her leave of one of these territories, Araphen, and sets out to meet her grandfather, the marquess of Caelin. However, the marquess's brother, Lundgren, hungers to rule Caelin. He is preparing a deadly welcome for Lyn, who stands to threaten his grasp for power.”
—Opening Narration

Blood of Pride is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Lyn arrives in Araphen and Kent goes to ask the marquess about receiving aid on their journey. Kent returns shortly, informing Lyn that the marquess has agreed to help her. At that moment, someone yells that the castle is on fire. Before anyone can do anything, an assassin approaches Lyn in an attempt to take her life. Before he can strike, a horseman shoots him down with an arrow. After a brief discussion, Lyn agrees to aid the nomad, Rath, in stopping the assault on the castle. Rath informs Lyn that if she can help him activate 3 switches hidden around the castle, he and his men can take care of the rest. Matthew appears and volunteers to pick locks to open the doors to the switches.

After defeating the enemies and pressing the last switch, Rath and his men take out the remaining enemies in the castle. Lyn then meets with Marquess Araphen, who states that he has withdrawn his offer, saying that Kent hadn't informed him about Lyn's heritage. He calls Lyn a "Sacaen savage," and Lyn walks out, stating that she is proud of the blood running through her veins. Afterward, the marquess mentions aloud that if Lyn had shed a single tear, he would have helped her. Rath hears this, and ends his service to the marquess. He then approaches Lyn outside of Araphen, offering his help and providing 5,000 gold.

This chapter introduces the player to the Thief class, and explains that with a Lockpick, they can open doors and chests. This chapter also has the first stat booster item (Angelic Robe), and super-effective weapon (Armorslayer).


Total: 7

  • Bool (Boss): Knight L5 w/ Steel Lance
  • 3 Soldiers L1 w/ Iron Lance (one has a Door Key that is dropped upon defeat)
  • 2 Mercenaries L1 w/ Iron Sword
  • 1 Archer L1 w/ Iron Bow





  • Though the chapter goes to explain the concept of tiles that trigger events, the player never encounters tiles that specifically open doors anywhere else in the game.
  • Each character uses a unique line for each trigger cutscene, though the lines all functionally say the same thing.
  • A conversation between Serra and Matthew can occur if they are moved next to each other. In this event, Serra will declare she feels observed, and Matthew will, on his own, recognise her and say he can't let her find the passage. This, however, has no effect whether Serra triggers the opening of the passage or not.
  • Marquess Araphen shares a recolored sprite with Aion, the boss of Chapter 18x: Imprisoner of Magic.