“The Kingdom army departs from the Great Bridge of Myrddian and marches south toward Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the Alliance army follows from behind to invade Imperial territory, and the Empire has dispatched forces from Fort Merceus to intercept them. The curtain is rising on a conflict between the three armies, which will come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, held on the same plains that witnessed the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.”
—Opening Narration


Initial enemies


After 3 turns; or if any unit from the other army is provocated, 1 warrior , 2 Pegasus knights and 2 fortress knights from the other army will join the battle.

Note that if Hilda wasn't recruited, she will appear in place of the one warrior.


  • Brave Bow
  • Chest Key
  • Lampos Shield
  • Chest: Umbral Steel


Secret Book (Artwork)
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