“Soon, we'll be entering Empire territory ourselves. If our enemies are going to intercept with an attack... It will probably be at Gronder Field... How fitting that it was the site of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion five years ago.”


Having gained the support of the Alliance lords, Byleth and Claude learn that the Empire is gathering troops at Fort Merceus, likely under the command of Edelgard. Judith also informs them that a mysterious army marching under the banner of House Blaiddyd passed by the Great Bridge of Myrddin, but headed east upon discovering the bridge was occupied. Claude says that it is likely that the Alliance army will meet their enemies on the field at Gronder, the same site as the Battle of the Eagle and Lion five years before.

Initial EnemiesEdit

Imperial Army Edit

Armored Lord= Edelgard


Fortress Knight=6

Dark Bishop=3


Pegasus Knight=2

Demonic Beast=2


Third Army Edit



Fortress Knight=1


Highlord= Dimitri



After the first turn, 3 paladins, one Pegasus knight and 2 fortress knights from the other army will join the battle.

Items Edit

  • Brave Bow
  • Chest Key
  • Lampos Shield
  • Chest: Lampos Shield

Strategy Edit

Secret Book (Artwork)
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