Now in control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Alliance army invades the Imperial territories. In response, the Imperial army garrisons soldiers at Fort Merceus.

Before BattleEdit

Event: Cathedral,DaytimeEdit

  • Claude: All of that went about as well as it could have. Each lord has agreed to provide us with soldiers and supplies.
  • Judith: I'm impressed you were able to convince all of those scattered nobles to help us. I thought they would quarrel about how much support they should each provide. That's what they usually do.
  • Claude: Well, Count Gloucester took the initiative in taking on responsibilities. I presume that was because you spoke with him in advance, Lorenz?
  • Lorenz: I merely explained the situation at hand, then my father simply followed your lead, Claude. It was because you had the professor there to represent Lady Rhea. My father is a pious follower of the Church of Seiros.
  • Claude: I don't doubt it. I wasn't under the delusion that it was my personal charm that unified everyone. Thanks for that, by the way. I hope you don't feel like I used you... because I sort of used you.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Don't mention it.
    • Choice 2: I'm not well pleased.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: I appreciate that. We don't have time to be picky about our methods. But be honest. You're having a hard time adjusting to your new role, aren't you?
    • Response 2: I understand. You're having a hard time adjusting to your new role, aren't you? You weren't even a follower of Seiros to being with, and somehow you've ended up as a representative of the church.

I realize that you might feel guilty about deceiving the believers for our cause... But this is just what the archbishop wanted, and she's the highest authority in the church. Besides, as wielder of the Sword of the Creator, it's undeniable that you're special. I think you should be more confident in yourself and use your position to the fullest.

  • Shamir: I have news. Our enemy is gathering troops at Fort Merceus. Their army is immense. Likely led by a renowned general. Or perhaps even...
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Edelgard?
    • Choice 2: The Flame Emperor?
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: Well now, that would be interesting. If we can defeat the emperor, then the Empire will collapse.
    • Response 2: Perhaps. But she's more than that now. She's the actual emperor. If we can defeat her, the Empire will collapse.
  • Judith: There's something else. An unidentified army has approached the Great Bridge of Myrddin. They passed through the Daphnel and Gloucester territories from the northwest with incredible speed. They're raising the banner of House Blaiddyd. Perhaps they are the remnants of the Faerghus royal family. From what we could tell, they posed no threat to the citizens of the Alliance, and so we refrained from engaging them in needless combat.
  • Claude: Maybe they hope to fight against the Empire to avenge their fallen prince. And what about the bridge itself?
  • Judith: Obviously we wouldn't let them pass without receiving envoys first. We thought they may try to force their way through. We considered firing warning arrows, but they left immediately, heading east.
  • Claude: Are they intending to use one of the bridges in Ordelia territory?
  • Judith: Most likely. But the Imperial army still controls those bridges. I can't imagine what they intend to do in the Empire, even if they do manage to break through...
  • Claude: I'm reluctant to ease up on our surveillance, but it would be difficult to track them there... For now, let's assume they're just troops belonging to the old Kingdom. In any case, we should proceed with caution. Soon, we'll be entering Empire territory ourselves. If our enemies are going to intercept us with an attack... It will probably be at Gronder Field... How fitting that it was the site of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion five years ago.

Base of OperationsEdit



I wonder if we'll be OK…

Annette: Claude seems filled with confidence, but I wonder if everything really will be OK…
The Imperial army might be hiding the emperor, and the troops headed south might belong to the old Kingdom.
I’ll be honest… I’m incredibly uneasy about all this. But at this point there’s…no option but to move forward.


(Knight's Hall)
Leave the search for Lady Rhea to us.

  • Catherine: Beyond the Great Bridge of Myrddin, it's all unfamiliar territory for us. We don't know where Lady Rhea is being held. We ought to investigate all potential locations thoroughly. The Knights of Seiros will handle the search. We'll report back if we learn anything.


(Second Floor)
The ultimate victory will be ours.

  • Claude: We secured the win in our first skirmish, but the next battle is a different matter. The Empire will come after us with everything it's got. Even so, the ultimate victory will be ours. And I'm not just saying that! I've made ample preparations to ensure our victory. It's my rule to never leave victory to chance. You can't rely on the protection of the goddess. With your power and my schemes, I should be able to plot a direct course to victory.


Gotta keep this place clean...

  • Cyril: I gotta keep this place clean, and I mean properly clean, every day. Dust it, sweep it, everything. You never can tell when Lady Rhea might be back.

Dorothea Edit



  • Dorothea: The Great Bridge of Myrddin was considerably better fortified than it was five years ago... The bridge was full of soldiers...and they all died.
  • (if Ferdinand was not recruited)
    • Dorothea: And Ferdie was there. We killed Ferdie, Professor, he used to be our friend. Do you remember those days?


(Training Grounds)
Don't die, OK?

  • Felix: So, the boar prince is dead. Decapitated, I hear. I haven't seen the severed head myself. Perhaps he's still alive and leading that army...
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Would you be able to fight him?
    • Choice 2: Don't get distracted. (Relationship up)
  • Felix:
    • Response 1: Don't patronize me. If his head is still attached to his body, I'll remedy that without hesitation.
    • Response 2: You're right. I can't let my emotions take hold.

Either way, a major battle awaits us. Try not to die. I'll be annoyed if you did.


(Officers Academy)
We'd better brace ourselves.

Ferdinand: We captured the Great Bridge of Myrddin, but the fight has only just begun.
Enbarr, the Imperial Capital, lies far to the south, beyond Gronder Field.
And waiting on the way there is the entire Imperial army, with twice as many troops as us.
We had better brace ourselves.


(Officers Academy)
The Battle of the Eagle and Lion...

  • Flayn: The Battle of the Eagle and Lion. Has it truly been five years since then? Can you recall whether it was before or after I joined your class, Professor?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Before.
    • Choice 2: After. (Relationship up)
  • Flayn:
    • Response 1: That is not at all the case, Professor. Your memory serves you poorly.
    • Response 2: I'm glad you have not forgotten.

It was shortly after I joined your class - I remember it like it was yesterday.


(Training Grounds)
I must see this through...

  • Hanneman: When undertaking research, the usual methods is to form a hypothesis, then test it with experiments. Those experiments reveal facts and falsehoods, yet sometimes, they also unveil an exception. You seem to be that exception when it comes to my Crest research.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Sorry about that. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: I don't understand.
  • Hanneman: Worry not, Professor. Exceptions are what make my work interesting. Why don't the rules apply to you? I will find our eventually. I feel it is my destiny as a Crest scholar!


(Dining Hall)
Ah, the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.

  • Hilda: Claude was saying that our next battle might be in Gronder Field. Is that right? Reminds me of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. But of course, that was a very different time. When it was over, all three class heads complimented each other on their bravery. And then we had a party. But we can never go back to that, can we?


(Officers Academy)
What an astounding structure!

  • Ignatz: Thanks to our victory, I've been able to study the Great Bridge of Myrddin at my leisure. And you know what? It's an astounding structure. So much history there. Imagine how much time and effort it must have taken to build something that big. Over water, no less! I hope that someday it will be opened up to the people of Fódlan - a historical site, rather than a military checkpoint.



Ingrid: I’ve cut all contact with my family since joining this fight.
Were I to see soldiers of the Galatea Family amidst the host flying the royal family’s banner… I… Well.
All chance of reconciliation with my father would end there. I do not know if that is the right path.
But, the fact is, I’ve come this far. There’s no time for second guessing. Not anymore.


(Reception Hall)
It's practically magic...

  • Judith: Since little Claude became their leader, the Alliance lords haven't been especially unified. Now, they're suddenly united for a common cause. As a result, the Empire hasn't been able to perform even one successful incursion... Rather, we're the ones who might get the jump on them. It's incredible. Magical, even. Maybe his strategic genius was simmering for those five years, and it returned to a full boil once you two were reunited. Or maybe he always knew he'd meet you again, and he was preparing for that this whole time...


(Dormitory - 1F)
Think we'll make it?

  • Leonie: We might see Edelgard herself leading the enemy in the next battle. If they're coming out of Fort Merceus, our troops might even clash on Gronder Field. And those other troops on the march - who knows what they'll do, or what side they'll take? Not sure how we're supposed to form a strategy with so many unknowns.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Don't worry. I can handle it. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: As long as you're here, I'll be fine.
  • Leonie:
    • Response 1: I don't know why you're so confident, but it does somehow make me feel better.
    • Response 2: Hey, how come you only ever flatter me in times like these? What am I supposed to make of that?

Anyways, we've come this far. Let's just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see how far we get.


(Dormitory - 2F)
The Alliance is not a stable union.

  • Lorenz: House Gloucester has changed it's allegiance and joined the faction that is against the Empire. The Alliance will thus remain united. But thanks to this latest ploy, my father is more suspicious of Claude now than ever. If such a thing is possible. Ordinarily, I might credit his helpful posture towards us to his devout faith in the Church of Seiros. But it is clear to me now that this is nothing more than a shrewd calculation on his part. He is only thinking of his position. We are in the clear for now, but please bear in mind that the Alliance is never an entirely stable union.


I feel uneasy.

Lysithea: I trust you and Claude, but I feel uneasy.
If we lose in the next battle, the Empire's army will likely come surging into Alliance territory.
If that happens, my parents won't escape unharmed. They've raised their anti-Imperial flag, after all.
Byleth: Choice 1: I won't let that happen.
Choice 2: We can't take back what we've done. (Relationship up)
Lysithea: Response 1: Thank you, Professor. I'll fight with all I've got too.
Response 2: You're right. I chose my path. I must press on. That's all anyone can do, really.
Speaking with you has eased my mind a bit. Just enough in fact, to put me in the mood for sweets.


(Second Floor)
I hear the next battle will be a big one...

  • Manuela: I hear the next battle could be a big one, is that true? I miss the old days when, if someone got hurt, we'd rush them to the infirmary, and make them well... But on the battlefield, there's not enough time to help. People die. Professor, don't be one of those!


I heard something...

  • Marianne: Um, I heard that some unidentified troops have appeared, but... Apparently they were flying the flag of the Faerghus royal family... Do you think it was Dimitri's ghost? His country was taken before he ever wore the crown. Surely he must regret that...

Mercedes Edit

(Dining Hall)
I'm starting to get a little nervous...

  • Mercedes: So, we're finally going to set foot in the Empire...I'm starting to get a little nervous.
  • (if Ferdinand was not recruited)
    • Mercedes: We already fought Ferdinand at the Great Bridge of Myrddin, but...
  • Mercedes: I guess there's a good chance we'll be fighting more old friends from here on out.


(Entrance Hall)
The worst thing about war...

  • Raphael: I gotta say, it's tough to keep the fighting spirit alive when you recognize your enemies on the battlefield.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Everyone gets that feeling. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: You can run away if you want.
  • Raphael:
    • Response 1: So you can't avoid it, huh? How did everything get so messed up?
    • Response 2: Hey, come on! Even I know we can't do that!

Just because we're fighting someone doesn't mean we gotta hate 'em! That's probably the worst thing about war. Win or lose, I still get a bad taste in my mouth.


(Second Floor)
I hope we find some clue...

  • Seteth: Each time we press forward, our search for Rhea broadens to a wider area. I certainly hope we will find at least some clue, but I do suspect I already know where she is. If I am right, and she is in the Imperial capital, then we cannot save her until we topple the Empire.


It's becoming more of a risk.

  • Shamir: Reconnaissance is becoming more of a risk the deeper we move into enemy territory. If I don't come back, assume I'm dead.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I know you won't get caught.
    • Choice 2: Understood. (Relationship up)
  • Shamir:
    • Response 1: I'm glad you think so highly of me, but we have to be realistic.
    • Response 2: Good. We have to be realistic.

Don't waste your energy worrying about me.


(First Floor)
Looks like it’s gonna be a big fight…

Sylvain: The time’s come to fight the Empire, huh? Wow, it’s shaping up to be quite the battle.
And I’ve got no problem with that, but that mystery army really worries me.
There’s no indication if they’re friend or foe… Who do you think they are, Professor?
Byleth: Choice 1: Remnants of the old Kingdom?
Choice 2: Dimitri himself?
Sylvain: Response 1: I suppose it’s possible. After all, His Highness is supposedly dead.
Response 2: Heh, not unless he rose from the grave to secure revenge. That would mean… Actually, I have no idea what that would mean.
Well, whoever they are, I hope we can avoid fighting them.


Gronder Field, eh?

  • Gatekeeper: Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report! I hear we're sending troops to Gronder Field next. Is that what's what? That whole area is in the territory of House Bergliez. It's famous as the main granary of Fódlan. If we could capture it, we probably wouldn't have to worry about food anymore! Bread for all!

Knight of SeirosEdit

(Reception Hall)
I'm really feeling the tension now...

  • Knight of Seiros: So, we're finally moving into enemy territory... We can expect the war to get even more intense from here on out. I'm really feeling the tension now. I have almost no experience with battles of this scale. Professor... I'll be grateful for your leadership on the battlefield. I know I can trust you!

Alliance KnightEdit

(Cardinal's Room)
A mysterious military force...

  • Alliance Knight: If this mysterious force if the remnants of the Kingdom, you'd think there would have been the possibility of a united front. But from what I've heard, that's going to be difficult. Their behaviour is very erratic. If they're clamoring for revenge and death, and it's probably better if we have nothing to do with them.


(Dining Hall)
I can't believe it!

  • Soldier: I can hardly believe we're crossing the borders of the Empire to battle their army. I never thought I'd see the day. You'd never guess from the calm looks on everyone's faces, though... I mean, we're probably all gonna die, let's be honest. If you don't mind me saying, you don't look like you're in the middle of a crisis either. Oh, um... Perhaps that was a little rude of me. Hm, actually, it's the Great Tree Moon now, isn't it? Not that anyone's in much of a mood to celebrate the new year, of course.


(Dormitory - 1F)
What happened to me?

  • Soldier: I'm a graduate of the Golden Deer House, but that was a little before your time, Professor. We won the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. Of course, we mostly have Holst to thank for that. And now, he's the greatest general in the Alliance. I didn't do so great in comparison...


Where Edelgard goes, Hubert follows.

  • Soldier: Edelgard's presence suggests that Hubert is around too. He is Minister of the Imperial Household, after all. He's been around Edelgard since they were children. I suppose he must be pretty happy with his current position.


Trade is a lot easier these days.

  • Merchant: Since you secured the Great Bridge of Myrddin, trade got a lot easier within the Empire. Nevertheless, profits are rather thin, compared to how it was five years ago. You can't be much of a trader unless you're prepared to traverse the whole of Fódlan...


Supply Run

Bulletin Board
  • Hilda: We need more resources around here. Please help!
View Quest
  • :
Quest Complete
  • :

Worried Warrior

Bulletin Board
  • Soldier: Do you know of anything I can use to calm my nerves?
View Quest
  • Soldier: Whenever I think about the next battle, my knees won't stop shaking. I'm scared of getting hurt, or worse... Is there a medicinal herb I can use to calm my nerves?
Quest Complete
  • Soldier: It really calms you down if you make a tea out of it. Ah, even the smell is soothing! Thank you so much. Now I feel like I can fight again.


To War at Gronder

At Gronder Field, where the Battle of the Eagle and Lion was once held, the house leaders of five years ago have a faithful reunion... but this time, the contest between the Empire, the Kingdom, and the Alliance is no mock battle.
  • Suggested Level: 33
  • Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemy commanders.
  • Defeat Conditions:
    • (Casual Mode) All of your units fall in battle.
    • (Classic Mode) Claude or Byleth fall in battle.

Before BattleEdit

Event: BattlefieldEdit

Gronder Field (Empire Territory)

Hilda: Gronder Field should be around here, right?
But it's so foggy... Even if there were enemies here, we'd never know it.
Lysithea: I recall the terrain from the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, but without the ability to see the enemy's formation...
Claude: Our enemies are subject to the same conditions. We'll just have to wait for the fog to clear up.
Judith: Speaking of enemies, what do you think became of those unidentified troops? Any follow-up reports?
Claude: We haven't heard anything since. If they were headed this way...
Well, I'd like to avoid being caught by surprise, but we can't make use of our scouts because of this fog.
It's hard to predict this fight. There's no way to know what will happen.
Byleth: Choice 1: I'm worried.
Choice 2: Let's try to stay calm. (Claude relationship up)
Claude : Response 1: We did everything we could to prepare. If we lose despite that, then we'll just have to accept it as fate and retreat.
Response 2: Of course. The morale of our allies would be crushed if we let them see us shaking in our boots.
Your guidance is going to be crucial, Teach. Now more than ever. Do whatever it takes to lead us to victory.
Byleth: (Byleth nods)

On the World MapEdit

Departing from the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Alliance army marches south towards Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. An unknown military force begins their advance under the banner of the Kingdom, the Imperial army dispatches forces from Fort Merceus with the intention of interrupting them. The curtain is rising on a conflict between the three armies, which will come to be known as the Battle at Gronder, held on the same plains that witnessed the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.

Movie: Rematch Edit

(Just like in the mock battle five years ago, an eagle flies overhead and lets out a cry. However, the music is much more dramatic this time when the Imperial soldiers step forth. The masked mages charge up fireballs and launch them towards the Kingdom and Alliance armies. Soldiers from both armies are hit and yell in pain from the impact of the fireballs. Amidst the flames, Dimitri is shown with his Relic on his shoulder, unfazed by the attack. He points his Relic at the opposing armies and glares at them as he speaks.)

  • Dimitri: Know that I will tear your heads from your shoulders. The dead must have their tribute.

(On the Alliance side, Claude steps forth and groans at the sight of the flames and his soldiers who had fallen.)

  • Claude: As big class reunions go...this one's gotta be the worst in history.

(Having made the first move, Edelgard steps forward and gives a brief speech to the opposing armies. She looks down in regret as she finishes her second sentence.)

  • Edelgard: Years ago, we fought here as classmates. But not today.

(Her soldiers draw their swords and bows. Byleth whips out the Sublime Creator Sword. Dimitri looks up and prepares to give his army the order to move out.)

  • Dimitri: Kill every last one of them!

(He brandishes his Relic and charges onward, with his soldiers following him. Claude gives the signal for his army to move, and he lets out a war cry as he charges forward, with his Relic at the ready. Edelgard looks up, ready to meet the opposing armies' advances.)

  • Edelgard: And so we fight on.

(The camera zooms out, and her soldiers charge forth. A faraway view of Gronder Field is shown, with flames from each of the three armies, and the soldiers can be seen moving towards the center. The scene fades out and the track Between Heaven and Earth plays, a significantly more intense remix of Blue Skies and a Battle.)

During BattleEdit

(Movie: Rematch plays)

Dimitri: I will crush anyone who blocks my path.
Claude: Dimitri... He's alive. But he doesn't look interested in joining forces with us.
Edelgard: It would not be advantageous to take on both at once. We must stop the Kingdom and the Alliance from joining forces.
I will create such chaotic warfare that they won't be able to tell who is friend and who is foe.
(Battle starts)

Start of first Enemy TurnEdit
Edelgard: Mounted units, advance!
(Empire mounted units advance from West)
When your unit arrives at central hillEdit
(If Petra was recruited)
Imperial General: There are enemies in the central area... We need to head there immediately to protect it!
(If Petra was not recruited)
Petra: The center is in danger of being taken. We must be running to protect it!
Start of Enemy Turn after your units reach the central hillEdit
Dimitri: The Imperial army is starting to crumble.
We will step on the Empire right along with the Alliance troops. To the eternal flames with all of them!
(Kingdom army starts moving)
(Kingdom mounted units appear from North and East)

Start of Enemy Turn if you attack the Kingdom army before reaching the central hill Edit
  • Hubert: How kind of our enemies to fight one another. And open flanks as well? Generous.
  • Dimitri: If they're going to stand in our way, they must die. Smash them to pieces! It is time. Someone, take the central hill!
After Petra/Imperial General has been defeatedEdit
Edelgard: Those fools who went up the hill will pay with their lives... in the crimson flames!
(Wooden central hill platform becomes filled with flames)
Start of Enemy Turn after the fire has been lit on the central hillEdit
Hubert: The central hill is up in smoke. Suppose I'll have to quench the flames - with the enemy's blood.
(Hubert starts moving around map)
When both Edelgard and Dimitri are defeatedEdit
Claude: Even in an ugly battle like this, it's important not to lose heart. We have to take pride in our victory.
We did it, Teach. Now we can move forward. To our victory!


Vs. BylethEdit
Bernadetta: Professor? Is that you?
You're with the enemy. That means I... I'll have to kill you.
Vs. anyone elseEdit
Bernadetta: Stay back! Stay back or I'll shoot!
When defeatedEdit
Bernadetta: Wish I could've at least died at home... not in the big, stupid field...
(If Edelgard is still undefeated)
Edelgard: Bernadetta, thank you. I'll make sure your life was not lost in vain.


Vs. anyoneEdit
Petra: For Adrestia and for Brigid... I will be defeating all of you!
When defeatedEdit
Petra: I can't be fighting anymore... I must be retreating now...
(If Edelgard is still undefeated)
Edelgard: Don't worry. You must live on to lead your people.
Those fools who went up the hill will pay with their lives... in the crimson flames!
(Wooden central hill platform becomes filled with flames)


Vs. anyoneEdit
Hubert: You're interfering with the plan. Looks like I'll just have to get rid of you.
When defeatedEdit
Hubert: Fighting on will endanger my life. Your Majesty, I must withdraw.
(If Edelgard is still undefeated)
Edelgard: No need to worry. We still have some troops left. So long as I stand, we won't give up.


Vs. BylethEdit
Edelgard: I knew when next we met one of our paths would have to come to an end.
Your journey ends here, Professor. Forever...
Vs. ClaudeEdit
Claude: We haven't seen each other since Garreg Mach. You've grown lovelier than ever, Edelgard.
Edelgard: You're not so unfortunate yourself. And you have the aid of the professor. Frankly, I'm jealous.
Now's the chance for you and the professor to leave.
Claude: I'm afraid I must decline. Even if we left, we'd just have to come right back.
Vs. anyone elseEdit
Edelgard: I will destroy both the Kingdom and the Alliance. Now, with one fell swoop!
When defeatedEdit
Edelgard: I lost?! Just as expected, you aren't making my path an easy one.
I must retreat for now. We'll meet again on the battlefield.


Vs. anyoneEdit
Felix: Want to die? Step forward. I'll take you all.
When defeatedEdit
Felix: Not here... Not like this...
(If Dimitri is still undefeated)
Dimitri: Felix...


Vs. anyoneEdit
Ingrid: We all choose our paths and I've chosen mine. I fight for my lord, to the death!
When defeatedEdit
Ingrid: Your Highness... I... failed you...
(If Dimitri is still undefeated
Dimitri: Ingrid...


Vs. anyoneEdit
Sylvian: Huh. I guess this is fate. Sorry, but I need you to please give up quietly, OK?
When defeatedEdit
Sylvian: Heh, I'm not afraid... I figured it would end like this.
(If Dimitri is still undefeated)
Dimitri: ...


Vs. anyoneEdit
Mercedes: Oh! I haven't seen you in so long! It's such a shame we have to meet like this...
When defeatedEdit
Mercedes: I'm... I'm sorry, Dimitri... I can't seem to stay... on my feet.
(If Dimitri is still undefeated)
Dimitri: Hmph...


Vs. anyoneEdit
Dedue: In the name of High Highness, you die here.
When defeatedEdit
Dedue: I... can still fight, Your Highness.
(If Dimitri is still undefeated)
Dimitri: Shut up and retreat. You must live, Dedue.


Vs. BylethEdit
Dimitri: Are you trying to stop me too?
Then I'll just have to kill you!
Vs. ClaudeEdit
Claude: Calm down, Dimitri! What does it achieve, us killing each other here?
Dimitri: Move, Claude. I have no time to exchange words with you.
Claude: It doesn't matter what I'm saying, does it? You aren't even listening. But I'm not gonna budge.
Vs. anyone elseEdit
Dimitri: You're not worth it. Get out of my sight.
When defeatedEdit
Dimitri: Where are you, Edelgard?! I will not stop until I kill you!

After BattleEdit

Event: Battle FalloutEdit

Claude: So... Edelgard retreated. I suppose she lives to be defeated another day.
Byleth: Choice 1: That's fine.
Choice 2: It was close.
Claude: Response 1: I suppose a win is a win, regardless of the circumstances.
Response 2: Too close. But I suppose all that matters is that we won.
Some of our allies are injured, but can still fight. We'll just have to accept this outcome and press onward.
Still, the battlefield looks awful. And I wonder what became of the Kingdom army. And Dimitri...
(Enter Hilda.)
Hilda: I saw him.
Claude: Who? Dimitri?
Hilda: He was completely different from how I remember him. He looked like a crazed demon while he was fighting.
He pursued Edelgard as she retreated, but he didn't get far before he collapsed.
I saw him surrounded by Imperial troops and... pierced by their spears. I'll never forget it. He deserved a better end.
Claude: Dimitri... He went through so much to make it here, only for his efforts to be in vain.
Hilda: I can't even begin to understand what Dimitri must have been feeling, but...
There must have been some other way. Why did he have to go like that?
Claude: And his vassal, Dedue... Did he fall as well?
Hilda: I don't know...

(Elsewhere in Gronder Field)

Dedue: Your Highness!
Your ambitions are my own now!
I... I will bring you Edelgard's head... I swear it!

Event: Mysterious FiguresEdit

Great Bridge of Myrddin

Lysithea: Professor? Claude? May I have a moment of your time?
Claude: Lysithea, what are you doing up this late? Trouble sleeping?
Byleth: Choice 1: That's understandable.
Choice 2: We all have nights like that.
Claude: Anyone would be shaken after such a brutal battle.
If you're having trouble sleeping, you should drink some warm milk. That's a thing, right?
Lysithea: Must you treat me like a child, simply because I am awake a bit later than usual?
Actually, I can hardly muster any indignation right now. I wanted to tell you that I noticed something odd during that battle.
Claude: What was it?
Lysithea: There were some strange mages among the ranks of the Imperial army. Did you notice them?
Byleth: Choice 1: The ones wearing masks?
Choice 2: The ones dressed in black?
Lysithea: That's right. I have seen people dressed just like that before.
It was a long time ago...
House Ordelia was involved in a rebellion that took place within the Empire 13 years ago.
After it was quelled, all of the key officials were caught and put to death.
The Empire sent replacements, who they used to take control of House Ordelia.
Among the people sent by the Empire were mages dressed in black, just like those we saw in battle.
Claude: If they're Imperial mages, it would make sense that they would wear the same clothing, right?
Lysithea: Yes, but the mages from back then and today... I do not believe they are from the Adrestian Empire.
Byleth: Choice 1: Are they Kingdom mages?
Choice 2: Are they Alliance mages?
Lysithea: No. I got the impression that they were from somewhere else. Somewhere completely separate from Fódlan.
There's more. Those mages imprisoned the children from my house, and performed horrible rituals on them. Blood experiments.
Claude: Lysithea... You can't mean... even you?
Lysithea: Yes. All of the others were deemed failures. They all died.
And even I...
It doesn't matter. The point is, that those monsters possess dreadful knowledge and power.
I just thought you should know the sort of people who have allied with the Empire.
Claude: Blood experiments... Does that remind you of anything, Teach?
Byleth: Choice 1: The incident with Flayn...
Choice 2: That incident with the Flame Emperor...
Claude: Exactly. There was that secret group who abducted Flayn and extracted her blood five years ago.
The people involved back then were Tomas and Monica... Well, I suppose their true names were Solon and Kronya.
So that eerie group has been slithering behind the scenes in the Empire for a while now...
Lysithea... Thank you for sharing all of that with us. One day we will uncover the truth of who those people really are.

Event: War Council: Great Tree MoonEdit


Claude: We've managed to invade Empire territory and emerge victorious in our first battle.
I hope to maintain our momentum and push onward to Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Unfortunately, we are not legendary heroes in a fairytale. Our stamina has limits. The longer we fight, the harder the fight will become.
It will take immense effort to secure the supplies and soldier we need to prevail.
Judith: Boy, you better not be saying this is as far as we go.
Claude: Of course not. However, the road ahead leads deep into enemy territory. It will be a difficult journey, strewn with hardship.
I can't guarantee that we'll make it out alive. If anyone wants to leave, now is the time to do it.
Lorenz: I shall accompany you to the very end. After all, someone must step up to take leadership should you fall.
Leonie: I'm coming. The future of my village depends on this.
Besides... I have to protect the professor. For Captain Jeralt.
Raphael: I'm not going anywhere! Because of the Empire, my little sis can't live in peace!
Ignatz: We can't leave the future of Fódlan to others. I'm sure that everyone here feels the same.
(If Alois is in party)
Alois: The Knights of Seiros will keep fighting the Empire. We won't rest until we rescue Lady Rhea.
(If Alois is not in party)
Knight of Seiros: The Knights of Seiros are prepared to keep fighting the Empire until we rescue Lady Rhea.
Cyril: I feel the same as the knights.
I've gotta rescue Lady Rhea no matter what.
Hilda: So, what - we're all supposed to take turns saying we'll do our best until the very end?
And what about you, Marianne? What will you do?
Marianne: I... I'll fight too!
Hilda: Fine, fine. I suppose I'll tag along too... Until the bitter end.
Claude: It's an honor to keep fighting alongside such stalwart allies. Right, Teach?
Byleth: Choice 1: I'd expect nothing less from my students.
Choice 2: You're a stalwart ally too, Claude.
Claude: Response 1: Hey now, when you put it that way, it almost sounds like you're just praising yourself!
Response 2: I know I'm a great leader and all, but praising me isn't gonna get you anywhere.
All right. Now that I know where each of you stands, I'm going to return to Alliance territory for a while.
I intend to report this victory to Alliance lords and draw out even more support from them.
Our next battle will be even more challenging, so brace yourselves for that.

Hilda: Hmm... I should write to my brother. He'll want to hear about our victory.
Claude: Your brother, Lord Holst? How is he these days?
Hilda: Oh, he's doing great. I even got a letter from him before the last battle.
He wanted to come and join our fight too.
Lorenz: What's this? Lord Holst, come here? That would be a most reassuring development.
Hilda: Sadly, it sounds like my father was against the idea. They wanted him to stay in case they need to fight the Almyrans.
Lorenz: Their logic is sound. Though it is vexing that the Alliance's greatest general cannot join us on the front lines.
Claude: We should be glad that Holst is staying behind.
Almyra aside, there's also no guarantee that the Imperial forces won't try to launch a surprise attack from the old Kingdom territory.
Hilda: Um... If you have something you need to talk to my brother about, I'd be happy to send a letter.
Claude: No, that's OK. I'm just glad to hear he's doing well. Please send him my regards.
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