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Bloodthirst (殺戮本能 Satsurikuhon'nō lit. Slaughter Instinct in the Japanese version) is the Personal Skill of Peri in Fire Emblem Fates.


If Peri initiates an attack on an enemy and kills them, her Strength, Magic, Skill, and Speed increase by 4 until her next turn. This skill better prepares Peri for counterattacking during the enemy's turn, and also better allows her to support adjacent allies in attack stance. 

Bloodthirst's stat bonuses do not stack with the effects of Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Skill, and/or Rally Speed.

This skill can be compatible with the Galeforce skill, enabling Peri to make another action at another enemy, dealing more damage, increasing the chance of activating an offensive skill (e.g. Luna and Astra), and ability to make follow-up attacks.

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