Blossom (大器晩成 Taikibansei, Late Bloomer) is a skill that appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It increases the growth rates of its user, but decreases the amount of EXP gained.

Blossom can be paired with Paragon to gain EXP at a normal rate with competent growth rates. However, due to the large Capacity of both two skills, this is only viable for certain characters.


Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceEdit

Name Activation Capacity
FE9 BlossomBlossom - 15
Effects User gains 2/3 EXP, but has his/her growth rates increased.
Users Base skill of Sothe.
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Fire Emblem: Radiant DawnEdit

Name Activation Capacity
BlossomBlossom - 20
Effects User gains 1/2 EXP, but has his/her growth rates increased.
Users Can be assigned with the Blossom Scroll (FE10)Blossom Scroll (obtained in Chapter 3-3).
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Unlike most growth-enhancing mechanisms, Blossom does not award the same boosts to all growth rates. It does not actually change the growth rates, but allows a second chance for each stat to increase if it fails to do so during a Level Up. This effectively increases all growth rates (apart from 0%, 100% and 200%).

In Path of Radiance's Fixed Mode, Blossom is considerably weaker, where it reduces the amount of growth points needed for a stat to increase upon a level up from 100 to 90, effectively increasing all growths by about 1/9th of their original value.

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