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“Hey, boss! We've found more villages ripe for the picking.”
— Bone

Bone is the boss of Chapter 2 in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the only named henchman of Bazba's Bandits.




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Statistically speaking, Bone only slightly varies from O'Neill, possessing notably less terrible Defense, but losing out a bit on Speed. For that matter, Bone is only barely stronger than the typical brigands he travels with. He cannot be written away completely, however, as he begins the map on a mountain. Thanks to the defense and evasion boost the mountain provides, players naïvely seeking to attack him with Vanessa (in spite of his Weapon Triangle Advantage over her) will be in for a rude awakening. Thankfully, a Fort is located close to his starting position, and any of the player's sword units can position themselves on it to turn the tables on the brigand assailants.

As Bone moves and attacks on his own accord, he can theoretically force players to end the chapter early. The southwestern village, which some players may miss if they engage him prematurely, contains a Pure Water. This is not a significant enough loss to force a restart of the chapter, but it is a useful tool against mages all the same, and sending Vanessa to the village to obtain it would be a good idea.


“Wait a minute! Wh-who are you?”
—Bone's battle quote
“Urgh... Blast...”
—Bone's death quote


  • In the game, Bone re-uses the battle palette of his superior, Bazba, in battle animations. However his unused player palette is unique, depicting with light green pants, similar to his vest.