Opening Dialogue (Male Corrin)Edit

(Inside a forest)

Felicia: Lord Corrin, I notice we've been facing off against stronger enemies lately. Are you worried our own strength might be falling behind that of our foes?
Corrin: It hadn't occurred to me, but now that you mention it... Do you have any suggestions?
Felicia: Well! Since you asked...
Corrin: Why do I feel like I've just sprung a trap?
Felicia: I say that we all go on a test of courage together!
Corrin: Wait, don't tell me: you have just such a test in mind already.
Felicia: In fact, I did hear an interesting rumor the other day. A tale of fearsome monsters who lurk upon a haunted mountain in another world... Few survive to the next morning there, but those who do come out all the stronger.
Corrin: Fearsome monsters? A haunted mountain? Other worlds...? This all sounds a bit fishy.
Felicia: I agree completely.
Corrin: Then why bring it up?!
Felicia: Because if it IS real, think of the possibilities! A slim chance is better than none, after all. Besides, aren't you curious to find out if the rumor is true?
Corrin: *sigh* Very well. I can see your mind is set on this regardless, so off we go. You're correct, though─if it IS true, it could be just the boost we need.
Felicia: Yesss! This is so exciting! Thank you, Lord Corrin!

(Scene changed, at Haunted Mountain)

Corrin: This is the so-called haunted mountain, eh?
Felicia: Yes...s-so I'm told.
Corrin: I see.
Felicia: *shudder*
Corrin: It does have a sort of...grim resonance, doesn't it?
Felicia: Th-that's putting it mildly. Whose idea was it to come here?! Let's go home, Lord Corrin. The sooner the better!
Corrin: In due time. First, we've got to prove our mettle here on the mountain.
Felicia: Y-you must be joking! Ha ha, that's a good one, Lord Corrin.
Corrin: It's no joke. I sincerely feel this will be a good opportunity for us all. Even if the rumors of strange monsters are false, it's something to bond over.
Felicia: Th-that doesn't make it any less scary. But if you want me to do it, it will be done.
Corrin: Never fear, Felicia. I'm sure everything will be just fine.
Felicia: No time like the present to start, then! Is everyone ready for the rest to begin?

Opening Dialogue (Female Corrin)Edit

(Inside a forest)

Jakob: Lady Corrin, I am concerned with how strong our opposition has become. If you will permit my opinion, I believe we should bolster our own strength to match.
Corrin: It's not a bad idea, but I don't see how.
Jakob: Then it's fortunate that I have a sterling plan to revitalize our forces.
Corrin: Oh yeah?
Jakob: I propose that we all embark on a test of courage together.
Corrin: I'm almost dreading the answer to this, but... What exactly does a "test of courage" involve?
Jakob: My, my, you really did lead a sheltered upbringing. There has been talk of peculiar monsters prowling a haunted peak in another world. The test of courage comes in spending a night upon that mountain. They say that almost none survive...but those who do come back changed.
Corrin: That sounds like a hoary old ghost story to me.
Jakob: Indeed it does. I don't believe a word of it.
Corrin: Then why did you bring it up?!
Jakob: My apologies. I thought that on the slight chance it was real, it could be good for us. What harm could it do to go and find out the truth at the root of the rumors? At worst, we spend a night in the cold; at best, we discover a new strength.
Corrin: ... Fine. If it satisfy your curiosity, let's go and get this over with. At this point I'll take any suggestion to boost our strength, however outlandish.
Jakob: Much obliged, Lady Corrin!

(Scene changed, at Haunted Mountain)

Corrin: This is the so-called haunted mountain, eh?
Jakob: So it would seem.
Corrin: Hmmm.
Jakob: Brr...
Corrin: It is a bit chilling to behold, isn't it?
Jakob: One might say so chilling, even. I'm regretting my enthusiasm for coming here. It might be best if we returned to camp before something unfortunate happens.
Corrin: In due time. First, we've got to prove our mettle here on the mountain.
Jakob: You can't possibly be serious!
Corrin: Why not? I genuinely feel that training here is a good idea. Even if this ridiculous "unusual monsters" are fake, the mountain air will do us good.
Jakob: The mountain air? Er...are you seeing the same soupy fog that I am? But no matter. It shall be as you say, Lady Corrin.
Corrin: Don't worry about it. I'm sure everything will be fine.
Jakob: Funny how often one hears that before tragedy strikes. Be ready for the worst, everyone!

Battle QuotesEdit


“Aha! So you're the "fearsome monsters" Felicia/Jakob mentioned, eh? You startled me, I'll give you that, but the truth isn't so scary. Now to see if vanquishing you will in fact make me stronger!”


“Tests of courage never scared me. I sang to myself to keep the fear away. But the people started to talk about the ghostly voice haunting the castle... The rumors were so widespread that I was embarrassed to admit it was me.”


“Yeeeek! I nearly jumped out of my skin when you popped up out of nowhere! B-but it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm honored to face you in battle”


“You're a fearsome one. But you will give Lord/Lady Corrin his/her due respect. If you cause so much as a single nick or scratch on him/her, I'll level this mountain.”


“*sigh* Situations like this remind me of old scary stories people used to tell. I recall one about a spirit that's always close behind you, whichever way you look. These ghouls seem downright nice in contrast. At least they're in the open.”


“You know, I was haunted once, by a woman's unquiet spirit. And so I didn't think I'd have the stomach for this, isn't so bad.”


“This is fine! I was never one to believe in spooks or boogeymen. You're right there, plain as the nose on my face. Just a regular old beastie. Unless I somehow started to see spirits without realizing it. Oh gosh...!”


“I don't believe in what I can't see. That includes restless spirits. But if any souls of Kohga citizens are listening... I vow to do right by you.”


“I have never shrunk from a test of courage, not even at a young age. But I'd rather you didn't appear suddenly from behind to surprise me...”


“I considered myself courageous, but this place is still so oppressive. But I can't let my little brother/sister down. I need to put on a brave face.”


“I'm not afraid of the dark, or "haunted" mountains, or that monster over there. WHEN DID THAT GET HERE?! GET IT AWAY! GET IT AWAY!”


“Aaaaaaaah! I-is that a ghost? A-a monster? A...a ghost monster?! Maybe if I breathe deep and calm down, it won't be scary. Maybe...”


“I will cut you down and become the powerful retainer my liege deserves. Know the name of your doom: Saizo the Fifth!”


“You seem fairly solid, which means you're vulnerable to attack, yes? That's a relief. I feel safe telling you, since you won't be standing for long... I'm a bit uneasy around the undead.”


“This is what you get for trampling all over this pristine, haunted mountain. Wait, I'm one of the tramplers, aren't I? I'd better purify myself later...”

Setsuna Edit

“A monster... This is a test of course, all right. Except you're just not scary. Not next to that headless samurai who spent the night with me in the pit trap.”

Hinata Edit

“Heheheh, this reminds me of when I used to visit the graveyard as a kid. There was this one lady in an all-white kimono who always hovered near me. Wait...was that... Was she...? Did she have a crush on me?!”


“*sigh* I hate these tests of courage. They always end the same way. People see the awful face I make and get more scared of me than any ghoul.”


“Ack! Is this real? Am I seeing a real, live ghost? Well...a real, dead one. But what am I scared of? This looks hittable enough.”


“It will take more than this to test my perfect courage. Although... If it's not tested, does that mean it can't pass? That won't do at all!”


“Aaaaaaah! Help! It's a monster! Oh no...with my vision blurry from the tears, it's even scarier! H-help! I need an adult!”


“Humans were afraid of me when I lived in the kitsune hamlet... So now I get to see what that was like! Come on, scare the tail off me!”


“The fortune I drew today indicated I'd find greater strength here. Though of course, it also showed that I wouldn't get it without a fight...”


“This place is the pits. But I like the little touches, like these wisps of flame. They don't compare to a good bonfire, but they're nice in their own way.”


“You know, rumors sometimes crop up of ghosts in the Hoshidan castle. I hope they're true. I'd welcome seeing Lady Mikoto or Lord Sumeragi again.”


“A bold approach. Some would advise you not to be so forward with a lady. Personally, I favor the bold. And you don't mince words... I like that, too.”


“If this is secretly an exercise to get us to pair into's working! The monsters are spoiling the romantic ambiance a bit, but I can fix that!”


“What I always feared, more than any apparition or specter... It was the time I ran across my father in the halls at night. If I hadn't been out of bed for honest reasons, things might have been bad.”


“I know many places far more terrifying than this silly old haunted mountain. For instance, the mansion of the dead deep in the Woods of the Forlorn. Or the Carnivale, a glade of trees that eat people whole. Oh, the games we played there when I was a girl...”


“I enjoy basking in the envy that the dead harbor for the living. It's second only to the envy most of the living feel toward me.”


“I used to spend the night in the dark by myself back at the castle, too... But that was nothing compared to being up on this spooky mountain!”


“Lady Justice never cowers or flees from your ghastly evil, and neither shall I! Though... I have the oddest feeling someone's walking over my grave... Which is ridiculous, since I'm neither dead nor buried!”


“Hmm. I don't like tests of courage... You can't beat up the darkness. You, on the other hand, look like you'll bruise easy. If you could shuffle slowly over to my gym every day, that'd be perfect.”


“The darkness calls to me... Its power beckons from the murky shadows... Nothing personal, you understand. The lure of power is too strong to resist!”


“Be gentle, boys...or whatever you are. I don't know what we expected, making ourselves so vulnerable in the dark. But you'll find out like all the others that I give as good as I get.”


“Attention, ladies! Yours truly is about to sally forth into battle!...Hmph. It's not as much fun when no one is watching...”


“Eeeeek! It's ghoul! Don't curse me— I couldn't bear to spend my life cursed! Waaaait... that's mummies I'm thinking of. You're just a regular ol' monster. And that's not scary at all! Get ready to die-again!”


“This is stupid. Why are we testing our courage now, of all times? Well, whatever. I've seen WAY worse than this. Like an upset Lady Camilla...”


“So you're my mark for today. If the task is to face my fears, consider it done. I've seen darker than you.”


“They're gating in from worlds rich in dark power. Fascinating, yet troubling. I suppose I should play along and do my part to thin their numbers.”


“A zombie! Who can save me from this horrible, disgusting fiend?! Ugh...get away, dammit, before I MAKE you go away! They're not supposed to see a petite maiden like me whupping your butt!”


“Everyone keeps shouting "Aaaagh! It's a monster!" But I'm not a monster. They're being so mean, and I don't understand why. A...AAAAGH! It's a monster!”


“I can't tell what I like more, all the mud or all the bones. If this is what test of courage are like, we should have one every day!”


“Felicia and I did a similar test long ago. We wondered if fiends could be frozen. This may be my chance to find out...”


“Perhaps I should let one of the youths have a shot at defeating you instead... It seems wasteful for an old soldier like me to reap the benefits.”


“Even as a descendant of the gods, I'm powerless to brighten up all this murk. A purification spell is the best I can manage. Look grateful!”


“The air here is stagnant with souls. My senses aren't as sharp as usual. But that won't stop me from fighting to my limits, whatever those might be!”


“There's monsters everywhere here, and a floating fire tried to beckon me away! But...I should dry my tears and try to become the strongest kid I can be!”


“This is a rather picturesque mountain. I'll have to paint a study of it later. Oh, would you like your portrait painted as well? Then let me get a close look!”


“Why did they bring me? They know this isn't the type of thing that scares me. I find the dark and gloom soporific... Maybe this monster can help wake me.”


“Ack! I'm too scared to fight...but my legs won't work enough to run! Guess I'd better hold my ground!”


“I've gotta hang in there, even if I'm scared... Who knows—parts of these monsters might make for good medicine!”


“I'm itching to fight... Where are these fiends we're fighting to get stronger?! I had to have someone pinch me when I heard to make sure I wasn't dreaming.”


“Whoa! A monster, right in front of me! Wait, weren't we promised ghosts...? Well, until the ghosts turn up, I'll just beat on you instead!”


“This wouldn't be so awful if the prize was, like...candy, instead of power. I know what I'll do. I'll pretend these monsters are piñatas. Yeah... If I hit one hard enough, candy is sure to fly out!”


“This is exciting! I love tests of courage! Aw, but you're not a real ghost, are you? Maybe I'll meet one someday..!”


“I still remember when Father claimed he saw a woman in white behind me... Ever since, I've had NO patience for anything supernatural! Including you!”


“Rumors of a ghost/ Up the shadowed mountain path / I test my courage. Poetic, but inaccurate. This mountain is too beautiful for that purpose. I should have stayed at home in bed rather than desecrate this peak...”


“I've read about this haunted mountain—in the context of folklore, not reality. I know I should be scared right now, but I'm far too thrilled for that.”


“Mwahahaha... What a wonderfully ghastly place. So delightfully dreary. But I could do without the grotesque beasts that won't bend to my will. You. Return whence you came at once, or become my new test subject.”


“Am I scared? Of course not. A man of my bloodline must...push aside... Gods! My legs are shaking so wildly that maybe I'm not fit to be king!”


“I've never lost a test of courage yet. Though usually I have more warning... Next time I come here, I'll have to wear an outfit that affords free movement.”


“Gaaaaah! I-i-it's a monster! I give up! I flunk the test of courage! I wanna go hoooome!”


“*sniff* *sniff* This mountain smells great... What's everyone so scared of? Hey, you. You're blocking my view. Move aside, please.”


“We're lucky to find an actual haunted mountain for our test of courage. I've never seen a ghost before! And... I guess I'm not seeing one now. Rats.”


“If only we could do this in a more mystical location, under a fading moon. Alas, we're merely battling monsters by the glow of the floating fire wisps...”


“The cute screams of girls in distress... The adorable way they quiver in fear... This is bliss. Or it would be if a certain monster weren't spoiling my view!”


“Hmm...this is pretty fun. I like seeing what the others look like terrified. Maybe I'll try scaring them myself later. I'd be better at it than this monster.”


“I'd heard that Faceless could mutate under the right conditions. But these gleaming, golden ones... I wonder how much they'd sell for?”

Closing Dialogue (Male Corrin)Edit

Corrin: It seems you heard right. That was a hard-won victory.
Felicia: Maybe too hard... I could see my life flashing before my eyes.
Corrin: Point taken. We may want to rest up before coming back here.
Felicia: Absolutely. I say we─ WHAT? You want us to do this AGAIN?!
Corrin: Why not? It seems like an ideal training exercise. Everyone came out stronger for it. I must thank you again for coming to me with the idea!
Felicia: Y-you put us through this horror again, though...? Well, if you insist, Lord Corrin. I would follow you through fire or flood...even to a creepy, haunted mountain.
Corrin: I knew I can rely on you, Felicia.
Felicia: Y-yes...but for now, let's get as far away from this mountain as we can. The sooner we're back in our bright, warm, clean camp, the better!

Closing Dialogue (Female Corrin)Edit

Corrin: It seems you heard right. That was a hard-won victory.
Jakob: I hadn't expected quite that many foes. I've quite had my fill of this mountain.
Corrin: Point taken. We may want to rest up before coming back here.
Jakob: I'm sorry, did I hear you say...come back?
Corrin: Why not? It seems like an ideal training exercise. Everyone came out stronger for it. I must thank you again for coming to me with the idea!
Jakob: *sigh* Of course, Lady Corrin. I'd follow you to the ends of the earth...or up a haunted mountain, apparently.
Corrin: I knew I can rely on you, Jakob.
Jakob: But having scaled this ghastly peak, let us make our way back down posthaste. I'll put on a pot of tea for you as soon as we return to camp. How does that sound?
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