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“Gah! Lord Lundgren...”
—Bool's death quote

Bool is the boss of Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is an assassin sent by Lundgren to kill Lyn in Araphen. Bool is the first Knight battled in Lyn's Story.



Starting ClassAffinity
WeaponStarting Items
Lance Lance - DSteelLanceSteel Lance


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Though Bool is not positioned on a Throne, he remains stationary.

Because he is a Knight, he has low Speed and Skill, but makes up for it with his high Strength and Defense. The player receives an Armorslayer earlier in the level, which can be put to good use against Bool, although the Mani Katti works just as well, arguably better.

Bool can cause players that are new to the series a bit of grief. While Erk can consistently kill Bool with absolutely no trouble by attacking him at a distance, many players might be tempted to attack him with the Mani Katti or Armorslayer instead. Unfortunately, Bool has just enough Defense to consistently endure a round of combat from Lyn or Matthew, and can consistently kill all but the most durable characters in two hits. If Bool manages to hit a unit, players can either heal them with Serra, Rescue them, or use Erk to kill Bool before he can attack again.

Bool is notably easier in the Japanese version of the game, where the Mani Katti and Armorslayers deal 3x damage, rather than 2x damage, to enemy Knights.


“Bah. Lyndis and her cadre. When did you arrive? No matter. I shall deal with you.”
—Bool's battle quote


"Bool" is the Korean word for "fire".